Sunday, May 29, 2005

1 down 3 to go

Thunderduck graduated HS last night. I'm really tired from working at Project Grad so I'm not gonna blog too long on it today. I'll add more tomorrow (since I have NO SCHOOL!).

My summer idea/goals list:
scrapbook X number of pages (I'll figure this out later -- one per day/per week?)
Put up one new door per week (About $30/ week)
Finish a few more home decor things (slipcovers, yard, etc.)
Update website daily/weekly?
Help Thunderduck work on his soccer cd every day/week
Do a This Date In History for every day (for next year -- I would like to do a book for MF, Tx, World, US, European, North American -- those are some ideas)
Update and put discovery cruise in binders (do DOLs, comp questions, etc.)
do a site a day for website bookmarks (Resources links)
Scan/edit my HS pgs
I know there's more - mostly school stuff -- I'll update tomorrow (Memorial Day) and get started Tuesday when MyPoolBoy goes back to work (I can't get anything done when he's around!)