Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Redneck/Cowgirl Foreplay

"Get in the dayum truck"

Saw something similar on a bumper sticker today.

and: fave movie quote of the week - when speaking of a step-parent who is the only likeable person in the family "he's not really family, he's more like a hostage"

Also: Friday night DrunkenFelix (drunkenly, of course) told the mom of a former student that she would voluntarily tutor the child after school. Unfortunately, the mom was not as inebriated as Felix was and she REMEMBERED it... the child asked her today at lunch when she was going to start! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That's what she gets for not taking me to see our SpEd teacher's band in Austin (to replace Corporal Punishment as my stalkees).

RIP - Corporal Punishment, as the Coe brothers have both moved away. My COE-dependency days are over