Monday, August 01, 2005

Woman! --- PLEASE (an advertising rant)

Ok, I'm all sorry that heart disease is the #2 killer of children according to the American Heart Association's new ad -- but it must be hard to get a decent ad campaign on limited non-profit funds. This latest one was just not thought out.

Ok - starts with this woman showing pictures of her kids that she wants to put in her family Christmas cards. She goes on to show a picture of a little boy and says something like "we thought we would put this one inside with the message that we had written on his grave marker"
WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! How morbid, woman. Thank goodness I'm not on your Christmas card list. Did this selfish (yes SELFISH) lady stop to think for a moment that we don't want to be reminded of HER GRIEF during the holidays? People usually have enough grief of their own to deal with. I'm sorry for your loss...don't push it in my face by sending me grave marker sentiments inside a holiday card - GOOD HEAVENLY DAYS.

AHA gets minor points for tugging at our heartstrings to support their cause, but loses way more points for pushing poor etiquette. I swear if I get any cards this year with stuff quoted from tombstones I'll hold them responsible.