Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Officially down to my goal this a.m. - I now know that I am not #1

I was a little below it last night, but I haven't really eaten, so I logged it as a little more -- that way I can have PMS week and still probably get down to the goal by 9/23!

I actually went to the dr. yesterday for my neck. Couldn't turn it to the right at all yesterday. Got some muscle relaxers and at least got some sleep last night. MyPoolBoy was p.o.'d cuz at 7 pm he had gotten home from picking up my Rx and the boys hadn't finished getting the kitchen ready to make dinner and he blew up and left and went to McD's. After I ate and took my pill and got settled on the heating pad he asked me if I was going to sleep. I told him I was going to try... so he left for R Bar to go play poker -- he wasn't mad at 7 about the kitchen AT ALL except that he wanted to go to the poker game at 7 and play both rounds.

I now know that I rate pretty low on my husband's list -- it would be nice to have had him stay and make sure I was ok.

Well, it is Thunderduck's 19th bday -- the team has a game in Canyon and then in NM and he didn't make the traveling team again this week. He really needs to get rid of VickieValencourt so that he can get his head back in the game --

Ok, going to wake boys and make lunches and breakfast -- I made the mistake of asking MyPoolBoy to help me yesterday and all he wanted to do was give me $ to buy my lunch (I REALLY want to stick to my diet and he is too lazy to get up 20 minutes early to help me when my neck is hurt).

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New school year

Ok, so all the other teachers I know are completely jealous and hate me right now -- I have a self-contained class with only 18 really good kids -- only 4 are title and NO SpEd, NO Bilingual/ESL, NO GT, NO behavior problems -- I am modifying for NO ONE! They pretty much "get" everything. Also -- we only have to have 8 grades per 6 weeks this year instead of 12, so I feel like I am TEACHING instead of throwing paper at them to try to get grades!

I'm up this early because I have done something HORRIBLE to my neck and can hardly turn my head or stand upright. I think it happened Friday night (MyPoolBoy and I went to 6th Street with Felix and her husband). Great story, there about a cross-dresser -- maybe I'll have time later.

Anyhow -- my weight this a.m. was 168.5 (so I'm recording it as 169). I ordered the Body Clutter Menu Mailer from SavingDinner.Com -- not even exercising yet, but I've already lost 4 pounds just from eating the recipes.

Got my laptop back, so maybe I can post more regularly again!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Checking In

Been a while -- long summer full of track meets! I will update and fill in the blanks later.
I've been yo-yoing at an obscene weight the past few days -- decided that the start of school is a good time to start getting rid of the body clutter (now that I can actually be HOME for more than 2 days at a time!). I'm going to set my Yahoo goals up for about 1 pound per week and look at 6 weeks at a time to coincide with grades.

I could be in single digit clothing by summer!

So, I came up with a list of women that I admire -- you know you get asked this question and never quite know how to respond -- mine is pretty eccentric:

Joyce Meyer
Marla Cilley "The Flylady"
Jill Conner Browne "The Sweet Potato Queen"
The "Karen Walker" character on "Will & Grace"

Ok - and he's not a woman, but Ron White is pretty close to my level of sarcasm/dry wit
I especially love: "I had the right to remain silent, I just didn't have the ability."
Yep, that's me.