Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Heat Wave

I've been flipping by the channels and keep hitting news stations that are going on and on about the "record-breaking" temperatures and "hottest day of the year"yada yada yada blah blah blah 105 degrees omg we're all gonna die. I'm sitting here thinking...you know down here in Texas we're all just kinda goin' 105 degrees? so what? I was in Europe a few years ago and was trying to explain 116 degree weather to a little Italian girl in the bookstore. by the time we converted it to celsius she just shook her head in disbelief and said "but people would DIE at that temperature" and we all responded "well, some people ARE dying"

anyway = I went back to the fitday stuff from 2 years ago when I was losing weight so well - I went and got some slimfast and smartones meals. No more of this eat 6 times a day bullshit. I was GAINING WEIGHT on that method. What a crock . I'm going back to what I know works - and I have the energy to work out when I do that.
Still no job for MyPoolBoy- the HS said they would interview him next week, so we'll have to wait and see.

Oh, and I got a letter today from Who's Who -- I am going to be in the silver anniversary edition of Who's Who of America's Women!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

2 Absolutely Insane Ideas

Ok - I've been yoyoing between for 3 days now. I got this crazy idea while watching Celebrity Fit Club on VH1: I'm going to use the show as a model to chart my progress and set goals. Victoria Jackson is on this season -- she is a former gymnast, also and they have set her weight loss goal as 30 pounds. That's what I want to lose! I also found a MSN group that is doing the same thing, so I signed up. Then, while visiting VJ's website, I found a lot of photos of various places that she has done handstands. So inspiration for insane idea #2: since everyone always complains that I am always the one with the camera and that there are never any pictures of me on vacation, I will start having my picture made doing a handstand every odd place I get a chance. Then I can start a scrapbook of it -- INSANE !!!! I love it!

SO I'm off to lose my first 4 pounds - the goal that Harvey gave VJ for this week. I figure that I can try to hit about 1/2 pound per day.

On a personal level: they have moved MyPoolBoy's company's plant to Mexico -- we had ONE WEEK WARNING! So as of Friday, his last day, he is unemployed. The hopeful news is that there is a theater tech aide position open at the high school -- MyPoolBoy's references for that kind of job include one of the most prominent names in the business community here, the co-founder of the community theater, and the MAYOR of our town! It will be a cut in pay but if we don't have to pay for Thunderduck's insurance and we cut back in a few other places, we might can make the salary situation work. I know he would be happier in a CLEAN job for a change. PLUS theater is something he likes to do and he' d be getting his foot in the door to teaching -- if he can stick it out for 2 years he can get his tuition paid.

Alas, TrainWreck didn't qualify for the AAU Jr. Olympics again this year... but he got his feet wet on the Decathlon and I think he is a little more serious about setting goals for himself now.

ok...to the treadmill