Saturday, December 10, 2005

Frosty the Snowman parody

Here are the words my brother, ShallowHal and I wrote to "improve" Frosty the Snowman!


Frosty the Wino
Was a jolly, happy soul
With bloodshot eyes and a runny nose
And tattered smelly clothes

Down through the village
With a brown bag in his hand
Stumblin' here and there
All around the square
Mumblin' things you can't understand

There must have been
Some liquor in
That bottle that he found
For when he put it to his lips
He began to dance around

Now Frosty the Wino
Might be a bum, you see
But with a drink or two
To celebrate the yule
He acts the same as you and me!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Empty Well

or blood from a turnip -- however you look at it, I'm drained emotionally.

First of all, we lost our files on our website so all work done since last year is flat-out GONE. Then today I get an email saying that our domain name has been sold off to someone else. So there goes my identity on the web.

Anyway, I tried my hardest this week during the holiday to do some stuff around the house and to get ME some ME time (scrapbooking, etc.). I did get SOME stuff done and feel like I got to unwind a little bit, but after having 12 teenagers take over the house Thursday night and leaving stuff lying around I felt back at square one yesterday and I spent yesterday morning and this morning catching up on dishes and laundry and picking up the living room and dining room.

Right when I'd get on a roll, MyPoolBoy would come in and "hint" that it was time for lunch or dinner and I'd have to drop what I was doing and cook a meal. (not to leave out the morning when he asked me if I was hungry for breakfast -- TRANSLATION: he wanted breakfast and I had to get out of bed and cook breakfast while he laid there and watched tv).

Then tonight MyPoolBoy gets all pissed because he doesn't have as many credits as we thought he did due to some problem with his govt class at OC and the one at CTC. Of course, I am blamed because I am the whole reason he took the CTC class, etc. etc. etc. I completely lost it. I just got in the car and drove off and parked and cried for about 30 minutes solid. They have no idea (especially MyPoolBoy) how much they are taking out of me. I jumped on MyPoolBoy when I got back because I am so tired of being his effin' cheerleader all the damn time. He wants constant success and constant reassurance and I just can't do it is wearing me out. I told him since I had stayed up multiple nights typing his research papers while he SLEPT that I would at least appreciate a thank you or something. SOOOOO I've been exhausted working, dealing with his school, trying to keep up the house so that he doesn't have anything to worry about except college and he gets all pissy and does the whole typical overreaction thing that he is going to quit school -- it is just causing me more stress. CRIPES that sends me over the deep's getting really old. More drama than any girl I know. The constant overreaction is so STUPID just STUPID he makes a total a$$ of himself.

Not to mention that I still have to get TrainWreck's stuff lined out for a website (that MyPoolBoy let lapse into nonexistence) to start getting track coaches to come look at him...poor Lurch and Chunk are getting completely ignored, or so I what do I do? I bend over backwards to pay attention to them and get sidetracked from what I want and need to do and end up feeling guilty and stressed even worse.

You can't get water from an empty well -- I really need to be filled back up spiritually and emotionally. No wonder my blood pressure is ridiculously high. I'm just waiting to die or at least end up in the hospital so I can rest. They have no clue how bad it is.....and I think if they do, they just don't care because it would be too much effort to do something that mom will do later if you just let it sit long enough (including school & paperwork).
Must be nice to be an oblivious male a$$hole.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Office decor and Yahoo blog

First of all .
and bp was 130/80-something this past week
and weight is at 158# (dammit)

Went to Wally world and got some Mary Engelbreit material on sale in the remnant bin and I am going to cover the desk and my treadmill shelf and the office chair with it and put clear vinyl over the desk to keep it clean. Saw the librarian at the other Elem. had done this and it was very cute. Got some black/white check to do a valance on the window and some smaller check to cover the bulletin board and the stool. It ties the whole room together. I am going to go ahead and paint all the walls a lighter color yellow than is in there right now, but it already looks cute just draping the cloth over everything.
MyPoolBoy finished his science class last week, his last history paper today, and got the notes for his algebra final tonight at class. He is almost done with a whole semester! Next he starts speech during Christmas break and then does another semester starting in January. He will probably apply for the aide's job at my campus and hopefully will have time to study and test like he did this past semester at the middle school.
Thunderduck is coming home tonight - a day early -- we haven't told Chunk yet, though. We're going to let him be surprised!
took Lurch to get his late b-day present -- soccer gear. He really thinks that he wants to be goalie. TrainWreck and all the varsity guys he hangs out with took him over to the fields yesterday and shot goals at him and then took him to play Halo with them and hang out at TrainWreck's friend's house.
btw TrainWreck went and got a job at McD's just out of the clear blue -- kinda a good deal, now that I think about it because he will have some running around money since things are tight around here.
L8R = going to go on a quest for cookie dough

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I Have a Groupie Story

I forgot I had a groupie story.... Tonight we were watching MTV w/ some show about 80s metal music and they were doing interviews with all these old bands about how they got the girls backstage. So, I will never tell MyPoolBoy this story because he gets jealous over nothing (and this is really practically nothing). Anyway, one of the bands was Quiet Riot. Somehow it brought back this repressed memory (or just old age forgotten memory!) of seeing them in concert back in our old hometown. My friend and I had gone downstairs between bands to get a coke from the concession stand or something and on our way we got called aside by the opening band who had just finished. We got to go as far as the dressing room door and got our ticket stubs autographed -- but we were both too chicken to go in! We just thanked the guys and said we wanted to get back to see Quiet Riot perform. Looking back -- DUH I coulda missed the concert and probably got to hang with the band later, but I was a nice girl with too much common sense.


I suck as a groupie.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


No not the Microsoft software group - I spent the day Saturday cleaning Chunk's old room (since Thunderduck moved out, the boys have done some room-switching). I kept Chunk's desk in there, MyPoolBoy moved my treadmill in, and set up some shelves for my yoga mat and a cd player. It's really nice. So I will eventually get my laptop back onto my treadmill and move the CJ and printer in there. The computer room will be strictly a craft room -- I think it will be nice to have a quiet closed off place to deal with bills or to exercise or work on school stuff. No more working from bed! I am not going to allow myself to NOT relax in my own bedroom. No more reminders of calendars and bills in the craft room. I will probably re-sub to the scrapbooking list and start working on that again regularly. I have GOT to reclaim my personal life!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Another Advertising Rant

I'm no dummy. I can tell when a man is writing what he thinks a woman wants to hear.

The Bounty commercial with the guy making the birthday cake -- well, takes the cake.
FIRST of all, he is holding a puppy. HOLY COW how unsanitary to have this damn dog in the kitchen while you are making my cake. What the hell is wrong with you, you MAN???

SECOND, Mr. Voice thinks that because he is talking all "I'm a white Barry White" that I'm supposed to swoon -- shut up, it's causing me to have an aneurism because my blood pressure is already elevated because you have a dog in my kitchen.

THIRD, OH NO YOU DID NOT JUST WIPE THAT DRY TOWEL OVER THE FROSTING YOU DROPPED ON MY COUNTERTOPS! Get some 409, that's why God invented it. Just spread the sugar mess all over my kitchen so that it gets the sticky all over the countertops and not just where you dropped it. Or maybe you were planning on turning the dog loose on the counter to lick/clean it up.

Apparantly we are supposed to be distracted by the too tight shirt on the guy who is wiping his mess all over the counter -- all that tells me is that the guy screwed up the laundry, too!

Hurricane Rita

Here we are in central Tx and I am surrounded by morons.

Last night, people were waiting in line at a gas station to save 5 cents a gallon on gas -- ok, folks, you have to get 20 gallons to save A DOLLAR! You're probably burning off a dollar's worth of gas just starting/restarting your car to move up in the line!

Now one of our grocery stores is out of bread, water, and eggs. OMG we're all gonna die because we live HUNDREDS of miles away from a storm. What idiots. Let me help -- THIS is a GLOBE...can you say GLOBE? Good. Now see this BIG state? That's Texas. See this star on Texas? That's Austin -- you are on the OTHER side of that star-- see how far the water is from the star? It would have to be a freakin category EIGHTEEN to hit us!

We had a tornado about 10 years ago -- we NEVER lost water and we only lost power for about a day. Why in the name of pete are some 40 mph winds and POSSIBLE thunderstorms turning people into braindamagedroolingdoofuslosers?

Hell, people, Oreos are on sale and NO ONE IS BUYING THOSE!!!!! There's plenty of beer left on the shelves, too! What kind of Texans are you to buy up all the bread and leave the beer????? If this had been an actual emergency, the Lone Star would be gone and women would be selling their first born children for a container of margarita salt.

Nope, no state of emergency, yet.
The local bar was selling 'ritas for 4 bucks each in honor of Rita.
What the hell do you need bread for if you have tequila?

Monday, August 01, 2005

Woman! --- PLEASE (an advertising rant)

Ok, I'm all sorry that heart disease is the #2 killer of children according to the American Heart Association's new ad -- but it must be hard to get a decent ad campaign on limited non-profit funds. This latest one was just not thought out.

Ok - starts with this woman showing pictures of her kids that she wants to put in her family Christmas cards. She goes on to show a picture of a little boy and says something like "we thought we would put this one inside with the message that we had written on his grave marker"
WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! How morbid, woman. Thank goodness I'm not on your Christmas card list. Did this selfish (yes SELFISH) lady stop to think for a moment that we don't want to be reminded of HER GRIEF during the holidays? People usually have enough grief of their own to deal with. I'm sorry for your loss...don't push it in my face by sending me grave marker sentiments inside a holiday card - GOOD HEAVENLY DAYS.

AHA gets minor points for tugging at our heartstrings to support their cause, but loses way more points for pushing poor etiquette. I swear if I get any cards this year with stuff quoted from tombstones I'll hold them responsible.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Heat Wave

I've been flipping by the channels and keep hitting news stations that are going on and on about the "record-breaking" temperatures and "hottest day of the year"yada yada yada blah blah blah 105 degrees omg we're all gonna die. I'm sitting here know down here in Texas we're all just kinda goin' 105 degrees? so what? I was in Europe a few years ago and was trying to explain 116 degree weather to a little Italian girl in the bookstore. by the time we converted it to celsius she just shook her head in disbelief and said "but people would DIE at that temperature" and we all responded "well, some people ARE dying"

anyway = I went back to the fitday stuff from 2 years ago when I was losing weight so well - I went and got some slimfast and smartones meals. No more of this eat 6 times a day bullshit. I was GAINING WEIGHT on that method. What a crock . I'm going back to what I know works - and I have the energy to work out when I do that.
Still no job for MyPoolBoy- the HS said they would interview him next week, so we'll have to wait and see.

Oh, and I got a letter today from Who's Who -- I am going to be in the silver anniversary edition of Who's Who of America's Women!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

2 Absolutely Insane Ideas

Ok - I've been yoyoing between for 3 days now. I got this crazy idea while watching Celebrity Fit Club on VH1: I'm going to use the show as a model to chart my progress and set goals. Victoria Jackson is on this season -- she is a former gymnast, also and they have set her weight loss goal as 30 pounds. That's what I want to lose! I also found a MSN group that is doing the same thing, so I signed up. Then, while visiting VJ's website, I found a lot of photos of various places that she has done handstands. So inspiration for insane idea #2: since everyone always complains that I am always the one with the camera and that there are never any pictures of me on vacation, I will start having my picture made doing a handstand every odd place I get a chance. Then I can start a scrapbook of it -- INSANE !!!! I love it!

SO I'm off to lose my first 4 pounds - the goal that Harvey gave VJ for this week. I figure that I can try to hit about 1/2 pound per day.

On a personal level: they have moved MyPoolBoy's company's plant to Mexico -- we had ONE WEEK WARNING! So as of Friday, his last day, he is unemployed. The hopeful news is that there is a theater tech aide position open at the high school -- MyPoolBoy's references for that kind of job include one of the most prominent names in the business community here, the co-founder of the community theater, and the MAYOR of our town! It will be a cut in pay but if we don't have to pay for Thunderduck's insurance and we cut back in a few other places, we might can make the salary situation work. I know he would be happier in a CLEAN job for a change. PLUS theater is something he likes to do and he' d be getting his foot in the door to teaching -- if he can stick it out for 2 years he can get his tuition paid.

Alas, TrainWreck didn't qualify for the AAU Jr. Olympics again this year... but he got his feet wet on the Decathlon and I think he is a little more serious about setting goals for himself now. the treadmill

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Another Pound

I'm at 158.5 this morning....another pound gone! I even cheated a little and ate a smidgen of pound cake last night after dinner! I'm running a little behind this morning....and I'm not sure why. Anyway, have to take Lurch up to the field house for conditioning andMoonDoggie to the track to practice for tomorrow and Sat. Jr. Olympics--here we come!!!!! I would love for him to finally place high enough that he medals at a qualifying meet. It would be cool if he could win decathlon! Ok. Off for now. I have to finish my hair and makeup before I wake them up and get them to the h.s.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

8 minutes....

I did the ab workout for 8 Minutes in the Morning before I started housework today.. I must say that I actually broke a sweat and felt it! It is supposed to target your lower "gut" abs, so I am going to add it to my morning routine. I also think that my metabolism is getting used to the eating every 3 hours schedule. It seems like I am not CONSTANTLY hungry, but that I tend to get hungry EVERY 3 HOURS! Also, last night we ate dinner at 6 and I stayed up late, so I was hungry again at 9 (had an apple) and then again at midnight (ate a cheese stick and a whole wheat bagel). No JUNK FOOD!!!!!

I'm wearing my new plaid Abercrombie capri pants. They are a size 8 but they're also a spandex/cotton blend, so there is some give to them!

I saw a cool ceiling treatment that I want in the kitchen (and maybe the living/dining room... it is clapboard painted off-white like an old farmhouse. I loved it. I'll have to see what paneling options might be doable for our house.

Ok DRUM ROLL PLEASE - I am back below 160! I am down to 159.5 this morning. Damn it felt good to put that into FitDay this morning! OK I have to go get my morning snack and a bottle of water.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

TrimSpa, Baby!

I officially started TrimSpa this morning. MyPoolBoy went with me last night and told me I could get anything I wanted. He stood in the aisle and even helped read labels, etc. I guess anyone else would be offended, but I was finally feeling like I was being supported. I know he means well when he tells me that I'm not fat, etc. but all that ever did was make me feel alone in the struggle. Now I feel like he is on my side at last... and I think he will be surprised at how that will make me feel in general.

Ok, I did P90x + Ab Ripper, walked on the treadmill, and laid out in the pool yesterday -- then blew it by eating a salad AND about 5 pieces of pizza at Mr. Gatti's last night. That's why I'm doing the TrimSpa -- because I totally pig out if I get decent tasting food in front of me. So, I checked the food pyramid for my age group...I'm not too far off with the diet I've been following anyway -- It said I should get 3 veggies, 2 fruits, 3 milk, 5 oz of meat, and 3 whole grains every day. Well, I haven't been getting the grains, but everything else is pretty close!

I've also got some of the aerosol tanner by Neutrogena and managed to get a little darker already. So I sprayed a little more on this morning. I resolved that the first hour of each day needs to be ME time. I'm also gonna do the 15 minutes on / 15 minutes off house cleaning today. I'm gonna try to establish some type of pattern or schedule that I can follow every day. I HAVE To get this house clean!

Alright I've got to get started. Probably will add to the blog later today and update how the trimspa and the exercise is going.

UPDATE: I moved my measuring tape to my room and am going to keep it on the treadmill with my weights. Today my starting measurements are waist 34 (not as bad as I thought) hips 40, bust 39 (under bust is still 34), thighs 23. So obviously the waist and hips are needing to be reduced about 8 inches on the waist and about 5 inches on the hips. Made an Excel sheet with them so I will be able to make charts from it. Probably gonna only update it every week, though. Also - got a schedule done so I'm gonna try to stay on it today and get myself back on track.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Last night I coined a new term in MyPoolBoy's honor -- from now on whenever that MAN has a tantrum I will refer to it as a "man-trum" He got ticked last night because I reacted negatively to his breath. Well, I'm sorry - if the smell of dip is so strong that it repulses me backwards, it's kinda not entirely my is an involuntary response! weight is embarrassing still but I DID work out w/ ab-ripper and I'm going to get in the pool here in a little while. I might get on the treadmill for some cardio, too. I ate horribly while we were in SA for the Jr. Olympic trials. We have to go back next week, too. I should be down 10 pounds by now, and instead I'm back where I started. I'm wanting to get back down around by July 4th. OH and its PMS week -- another strike against my body.

Went to pay the water bill this am and then ran to walmart and bought myself some new nail polish -- a very soft pink that is almost French manicure color. SOOOO I redid my nails because the silvery color I had was almost garish. I also got a new little coin purse to store all the 1st aid kit stuff in. So my purse is much neater and organized!

Ok, I'm seriously considering getting on the treadmill right now and then heading to the pool at about 3:00 or so. I think I can handle 20 minutes on the treadmill.

My house is so dirty..but at least I have dinner planned and so I won't be sweating that dilemma! Alright, to the treadmill and then to the pool.

Saturday, June 25, 2005


We got all 3 of the younger boys off to track today, TrainWreck managed to scratch all 3 of his long jumps, Chunk and Lurch didn't qualify for shot put finals, so we only have triple jump tomorrow. We even bought TrainWreck a new pair of track shoes and he didn't have an excuse. Anyway, he is going to the finals in high jump and javelin so far. We went to eat at Joe's Crab Shack and I was in a BAD mood (it is definitely pms week - my weight is ATROCIOUS - higher than 2 weeks ago - almost as high as 2 years ago!) I was feeling like shades of "Serial Mom" I was just annoyed with the human race in general. Our waitress sucked and had a bit of an underlying attitude - it was all MyPoolBoy could do to keep me from going off on her.

Note to people who make the girl at the t-shirt counter at Joe's Crab Shack go through every freaking t-shirt to show you all the sizes and all the different tie-dye patterns: You need to be aware that the person standing in line impatiently behind you may be about to SNAP and commit a serious crime of bodily injury against your a$$!

Anyway, afterwards we went shopping and I bought a red check pair of shorts, a red collared sweater, a black and white sleeveless Liz Claiborne sweater, and a cute pair of A & F plaid capris. I'm going to wear the shorts and sweater tomorrow. Yes, I'm shallow -- all it takes is a little retail therapy to put me in a better mood. I also got out and did some pool cleaning with MyPoolBoy and there was a a DEAD BIRD IN IT OMG! Anyway, tons of chlorine and clarifier later and having MyPoolBoy put the pool filter on CORRECTLY (which will mean no more scooping out leaves and very little vacuuming!) by the time we got home this afternoon, the pool was about 86 degrees and almost totally clean. I went out and just stretched and listened to my 1979 cd that Thunderduck burned for me. He's supposed to work on 1980 and 1981 for me tonight. I also think I'm gonna look for some Ratpack type music to have him make a cd of for me to drink martinis!

I love my new foot buffer also. I got a BIG handled one and I've used it for 2 days now. My heels are so much softer.

We went to the movies last night to see The Longest Yard. It was really funny. On the way out Chunk discovers he has a little abcess on his gum and starts freaking out. I immediately went to the store and got him a new toothbrush (well everyone actually got new ones) some bubble gum flavored mouthwash and threatened him within an inch of his life to start brushing his teeth and quit lying about doing it. I figure I'll hound him for 9 days and then move on to a new habit to add to the daily routine for the boys. I can't be working myself to death for them every day this summer or I won't get a true break AT ALL!

Ok, going to bed and planning on getting up a little early and having my morning cappuccino! (and doing a little laundry/house cleaning -- see, I AM feeling renewed!)

btw - noticed that blogger has a new photo upload feature....I'll have to try it later!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Few of My (New) Favorite Things

This morning: 158.5 -- if I eat right the weight falls off - I've gotten my knee better, but now my back is hurt (probably from all the dishes and laundry I've had to do with the boys all at home) so I haven't exercised since powwow. Thunderduck doesn't know it yet, but he's fixin' to have to get all his college paperwork DONE -- he HAS to go to orientation in like a week, and he hasn't sent anything in yet!

Anyway, on to my newest favorite things.
A blog of one woman's online shopping finds of all things preppy (classic clothes that I adore!). She lives by the Preppy Handbook!

Yoplait has out a new whipped yogurt that is CHOCOLATE. It tastes like a chocolate mousse. 4 gms of fat, but so DAMN good. It will be a wondeful way to add some calcium and protein to my diet.

SO, I got my classroom cleaned out yesterday (finally) and now I can completely concentrate on the house and my diet/workout.

Going to read flylady mail and then I'm up for the day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Two Steps Back

CRAP! I went back up to nearly where I started after the powwow weekend! I ate a lot of brisket tacos and didn't drink much water, either. I was so busy that I ate lousy. That's the only reason for it. Anyway, I am back to a better frame of mind today and have eaten well. I downloaded Michi's Ladder list of foods from Beach Body and have compared it to the negative calorie list. I'm fixing to add the SOuth Beach comparison to it and try to have a good lists of do's and don'ts. I'm also going to try to do a slide show of the P90x exercises as jpg's and some mp3's onto a cd to try to run in the dvd player in the living room. If it works, I'll have my own customized exercise dvd!

onward again..

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Save the Drama for your Mama

Holy cow, my sister Pepita knows how to get attention.
Last night at the powwow she passed out in the middle of competition (2 years ago she puked), and everyone went rushing over to her and then they carried her off on a chair like the queen of friggin' Sheba. I was the first family member to get over to her -hurdling the drum and running across the damn arena, and yes, I was worried cuz her eyes rolled back in her head and she couldn't maintain consciousness so it was scary...but good lord everyone doted on her after that. Once a princess always a princess. It was wild because I had just turned to tell her husband, NotTheBabysDaddy,that she was the only one who was on step with the drum and that she'd probably win when down she went. He sat there like a bump. My dad is pretty ticked with him because once we got her off the floor and sitting outside the arena NotTheBabysDaddy just left (he's such a loser). ALSO I had to leave and go drop off some stuff for relay for life and MyPoolBoy ended up babysitting/carrying around the baby - didn't sit by his wife and he didn't watch his kid either. No wonder Daddy is mad at him.
Right after that was the men's trad. contest and Thunderduck ended up taking second because my brother - now known as DQ lost his roach pin right at the end of the song and got dq'd. Our friend E was calling them the DQ Twins. Thunderduck said we should have gone and bought them both a Blizzard. :0
Anyway, today is 2step and jr/tiny tot contest. Lurch has to do all 3 dances one right after another - because the committee decided in their infinite wisdom that they would put all the jr dances during the youth powwow on Sat. and so that means Lurch is going to be doing some quick changes!

Got TrainWreck off to the track meet this a.m. so he's not contesting today but he did mention last night that he would LIKE a new ribbon shirt it's just that I'm always griping about having to do one for Thunderduck and so he doesn't care if I make him any or not.

I'm gonnna try to get a little cat nap in (I took 1/2 a Midol because I hurt my knee a few days ago and I have to fancy contest tonight.

Things to fo today:
sew MyPoolBoy's leggings
finish my other fancy shawl shoe and get some socks
get all of Lurch's regalia boxed/ready to go
put all the regalia into bags and boxes and out of the lr/dr
get MyPoolBoy to finish his moccasins
sew TrainWreck a new ribbon shirt
call B and see if Pepita was supposed to have gotten anything for the giveaway for K. MyPoolBoy said he thinks that E and his wife got left out.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

On a roll...

Can you believe it? Another 1/2 a pound in a day! And I didn't even exercise yesterday because of my knee. I went ahead and recorded the weight I was this morning. I completely expected it to be just at 158 because I had lost that whole pound the day before, but it stayed off and then some! I'm gonna look and see what P90X has in store for Wednesday - at least I might do the AbRipper. I would get in the pool but it is greenish looking... and I added Shock It this morning. Guess it needs another dose. Anyway, I'm on a roll, so I was REALLY good and avoided eating a brownie this a.m. before lunch. And I had a salad with chicken breast for lunch and got surprisingly full. I DID eat a bit of my dark chocolate bar as a treat, but at the rate I'm going, it will take me over a week to finish it. I'm figuring that if I hang in there and keep making progress that I'll hit 155 by Monday. Wow! five pounds in just over a week. I'm so psyched!

No progress on TIHA today. I got really upset over the lack of cooperation and scattered stuff last night that I am really bummed over it. Besides, it is a good excuse to rest my knee a little longer. If I'm doing better after 4pm then I will start back up then. I have to go out back and clean the trailer out, too.

Well, gonna go for now - I thought of a good title for my book/family stories collection: "Small Town Stories" (someday, sigh)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Happy Little Camper

158 this morning - can you believe it? -- a whole pound -- 158!
I'm gonna record it as 158.5 on fitday because I imagine I won't lose any over today so I want it to average out.
I'm a happy little camper right now! What a great way to start the day! :-)

My game plan for today:
Finish up straight and traditional outfits
bookmark, etc. cruise stuff
bookmark TEKS for about 10 entries

SOOOO... I need to break that down a little
9:00 - 9:15 mail Thunderduck's thank you cards
9:15 - 9:30 kitchen/dishes
9:30 - 9:45 laundry
9:45 - 10:00 cruise/bookmarks

10:00 - 10:15 TIHA stuff
10:15 - 10:30 laundry room & take out trash
10:30 - 10:45 cruise/bookmarks
10:45 - 11:00 50 our bedroom, 25 comp room

11:00 - 11:15 TIHA stuff
11:15 - 11:30 living room &; dining room
11:30 - 12:00 laundry & make lunch

12:00 - 12:30 Lunch & cleanup

12:30 - 12:45 cruise/bookmarks
12:45 - 1:00 sunless tan

1:00 - 1:15 TIHA stuff
1:15 - 1:30 laundry
1:30 - 1:45 cruise/bookmarks
1:45 - 2:00 50 our room/25 comp room

2:00 - 2:15 TIHA stuff
2:15 - 2:30 clean our bathroom
2:30 - 2:45 cruise/bookmarks
2:45 - 3:00 clean Lurch/Chunk's bathroom

3:00 - 3:15 TIHA stuff
3:15 - 3:30 laundry
3:30 - 3:45 cruise/bookmarks
3:45 - 4:00 cleanThunderduck/MoonDoggie's bathroom

4:00 - 4:15 TIHA stuff
4:15 - 4:30 break
4:30 - 5:00 clean classroom (if I take everyone, then this might get finished today!)

5:00 - 5:15 rest, plan dinner
5:15 - 5:30 laundry
5:30 - 6:00 cook dinner
6:00 - 6:30 dinner & cleanup

TIHA stuff the rest of the night

Monday, June 06, 2005

Late Night

Well, we ended up going to Austin to 6th street with Thunderduck and his girlfriend last night and I totally blew it by eating ice cream at this REALLY yummy place. We found this sign by a lawyer's office that someone had altered and Thunderduck obliged us with an improv of what might have inspired such a sign to be posted. We also visited a toy store and I bought a pair of hot pink cat-eye shades with rhinestones on the corners. They were 9 bucks but I will probably never find another pair like them! Then we wandered around for a couple of hours while MyPoolBoy tried to decide if he should get a tattoo or not (everything was closing down thank goodness!).We didn't get home till almost 2am. MyPoolBoy was really tired getting up this a.m.

Have to go get TrainWreck, Lurch, and Chunk up for summer track here in a few minutes. I think I'm going to go make my coffee first and have my morning fruit - definitely an apple this a.m. I heard it wakes you up better than coffee! I'll just have to burn off the extra carbs later (apples have more carbs than oranges!). OK, I am going to exercise today. DEFINITELY.

Other stuff I need to do today:
iron all ribbon shirts and my dresses
check all straight dance outfits and begin checking traditional outfits
have MyPoolBoy finish all the moccasins
finish fringing the brown shawl
pick up our room
do dishes
pick up computer room
scrapbook 1 page (I think ShallowHal & D's wedding pages need to get finished)
make a couple of pages for the Mexico cruise stuff and put them in Yahoo briefcase
go to school and finish cleaning my desk (I'm gonna get MyPoolBoy to go with me to do this)
burn photos on my hard drive to a cd (I have so many -- it is getting full and scary!)

I know there's more but good lord that is intimidating enough.


Sunday, June 05, 2005

My Diet (or lack thereof)

New ticker - embarrassing. I started it at 160 (though I was really over that earlier in the week). I have lost about 1/2 a pound from that point (mostly due to starting my . on Friday -- which was a THANK GOD moment, let me tell you!).

I think I will do a new ticker each time, rather than trying to wrangle the pix or the code or whatever to make it show up as updated rather than just current updates. Anyway, I semi-started back on the negative calorie diet this morning, and I am planning on doing the P90 stretch tonight to get back on the exercise track and burn some freakin' calories!

HOWEVER: Once again my child has sabotaged me -- I will be spending some exhausting, yet non-calorie burning time sewing for TIHA (every powwow, Thunderduck seems to want 1 or 2 new things sewn -- no one else ever gets anything!).

Gonna surf over to fitday and start updating there again, too. I have to look at what's coming in vs. what's being burned off!

Tomorrow I want to be 159 even. I realistically want to be 1 pound per week loss over the 10 weeks I have left of summer (150 by the start of school). IDEALLY I want to lose 2 pounds per week over the 10 weeks (140?????)

I am in size 10s comfortably on non-pms days, 12s are more comfortable about 2 wks a month, though. I have some 8s and 9s I can SQUEEZE into, but it is SOOOOOOO depressing to have them be that tight. I bet that my 10s could be baggy at 150 and I could be comfortable in a 9. If I could get down to 140 I would be MUCH happier - probably an 8. At 135 I MIGHT could get in a 7 (especially if I got down to 130). And by 120-125 I could be in a 6, but I bet my hips won't get that small since I've had kids.

Basically (not counting the drinks - champagne and apple martini) I have consumed about 800 calories today - 32 gms fat and 101 carbs MOST of which came from the cheeseburger I had a lunch. I plan on walking on the treadmill before bedtime for 30 minutes and 30 minutes of P90 stretching which will knock off about 200 of those calories. No cheeseburger tomorrow. I won't have MyPooBoy here, so maybe I can get by with a salad at lunch. Definitely having less meat tomorrow and getting nonfat cheese from here on out!

So, there you have it -- more planning and wishing. At least I won't be sitting on my butt depressed like I was over much of the school year. GAWD, I'm glad it's over. There were some kids I truly loved, but for the most part the lack of support by the parents made it completely unbearable. This is the first year in a classroom teaching situation that I seriously thought about quitting teaching. It sucked. I'm glad it's over.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I shouldn't even get on the scale when I know I haven't been eating right and working out. It's up again -- that's embarrassing.

Still no time to pour out my heart about Thunderduck graduating. Been busy getting Lurch, TrainWreck, and Chunk started on summer track and getting TrainWreck enrolled in a college course. Trying to convince MyPoolBoy and Thunderduck into taking a Sociology clep.

Found this fun thing online, though. I'm French, of course.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

1 down 3 to go

Thunderduck graduated HS last night. I'm really tired from working at Project Grad so I'm not gonna blog too long on it today. I'll add more tomorrow (since I have NO SCHOOL!).

My summer idea/goals list:
scrapbook X number of pages (I'll figure this out later -- one per day/per week?)
Put up one new door per week (About $30/ week)
Finish a few more home decor things (slipcovers, yard, etc.)
Update website daily/weekly?
Help Thunderduck work on his soccer cd every day/week
Do a This Date In History for every day (for next year -- I would like to do a book for MF, Tx, World, US, European, North American -- those are some ideas)
Update and put discovery cruise in binders (do DOLs, comp questions, etc.)
do a site a day for website bookmarks (Resources links)
Scan/edit my HS pgs
I know there's more - mostly school stuff -- I'll update tomorrow (Memorial Day) and get started Tuesday when MyPoolBoy goes back to work (I can't get anything done when he's around!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Long Time No Post

What all have I been up to? Let's see... Thunderduck made the college soccer team, so I've gotten most of that squared away. He just needs to get a few more scholarships and all of his expenses will be covered without dipping into his tuition fund! He also has a GIRLFRIEND! (the girl he took to prom)
TrainWreck MIGHT go to regionals in triple jump - if the 3rd place kid at district is indeed failing.
Both TrainWreck and Thunderduck got the Packmule Pride award at the soccer banquet (that I spent all afternoon decorating for!) Thunderduck was academic all-district --- strange how he suddenly got serious about his grades this year. I wish TrainWreck would!
Lurch is still doing tae kwon do, and is practicing his talent for Mr. Packmule. Apparently he has a girlfriend, too, but I hear that it is a "middle school relationship" (walk to class with me but don't talk to me!)
Chunk's conduct grade slipped again to N (mostly because of HW not being turned in and TALKING)
We are working on the house from now until Thunderduck's graduation, so I now have my lawn mowed weekly (!) and it has been weed n feeded, my windmill is in the front yard (and is almost done being painted -- it needs the red trim done), my picnic table has been repaired, primed and painted to match the swing. MyPoolBoy is working on cleaning out his shed this week so we can finish another coat of paint on it and make some doors for it. We also will be building a chicken coop on the lower level of the fort and then we can put the rabbit out in the hutch.
I did P90 this AM!!!!! I hate/love the ab ripper! I decided that I will blog as a reward for doing my am workouts, so if I get behind on blogging you'll know it's because I am not working out :-)
Ok, we have a field trip today, and I still have to get Lurch to weight lifting (plus take a shower!) and get everything ready for a sub tomorrow -- I'm going on the field trip with Chunk's class --shhh he doesn't even know it yet!

Ok -- to the shower!

Monday, April 11, 2005

I worked out!

I did a 1/2 of the Power90X workout -- I couldn't get through 2 sets of the back/chest workout OMG it's tough! I love it. I broke a sweat so I know that I'm burning some calories. And the ab ripper I only did about 10-15 reps on everything instead of 25. OWWWW IT SUCKS! I LOVE IT!

I've desperately needed to get some exercise. Endorphins have kicked in ....I'm ready to get in the shower and face the day. I still need to do lesson plans, but at least I have the energy and willpower to do it now. I'm in the process of putting these exercises into my Palm so that when I go to Midland this week I can just do them on my own. It's nothing but regular ole calesthenics but really fast and lots of reps.

OK, so I'm gonna eat some Grape Nuts or something whole grain for breakfast and attempt to do some chores. I'm gettin in the shower at 5am - which is in 3 minutes.

OK - to do list for today -
1) talk to my principal about having 2 days off Thur and Fri
2) get a sub/ prepare for sub Thur & Fri
3) have MyPoolBoy call the coach and arrange everything at college for Thunderduck
4) call Dad and B for a place to stay on Thur & Fri
5) mail Thunderduck's prom thank you
6) mail Thunderduck's FAFSA signature page (get him to sign it first)
what else????
I'm sure 9 million things will crop up between now and later today. Only 2 more days of math tutoring HOSANNAH!

Ok, I'm outta here...

Sunday, April 10, 2005

All kindza stuff


I'll try to remember to get this ticker to show up on all of my new posts. For some reason it is showing that I lost 2 pounds when actually I GAINED 2. Gotta fix that somehow - in more ways than one! What I have planned now is a modified version of Power90X. I saw it on TV but I refuse to pay for it (el cheapo me!). But I did research some reviews of it from various sources on the web and found less negative stuff about it than any other program I've researched. It makes sense to, because even though you are supposed to rest your muscles and not work out a little each week -- it DOES that even though you are working out every day because it target muscle groups in isolation. And EVERY review I saw said it was HARD -- even the expert workout hounds! SOOOOO that starts this afternoon.

I also have to clean house a little more, get lesson plans done, and get ready for a sub on Thursday and Friday - Thunderduck has a tryout with a univ. soccer team so I have to take him down there and get him settled in, etc. I have a feeling that he will make it, so I have to also be prepared to get the rest of his admissions paperwork and financial aid paperwork done. We've pretty much figured that if he makes the team and can get into one of the single-bedroom dorms, that his TTF will pay for tuition the first two years, he can get a $2000 grant from the college to pay for part of his dorm, there is also a $400 Freshman dorm allowance and we can maybe snag a few more little scholarships and grants here and there (that's NOT INCLUDING PELL!!!!!) to make up for the rest of the dorm costs and books and supplies. That way all he has to work to pay for will be food and playing around money. I also think that we need to set him up a Visa check card account when he gets down there and also get him a Blockbuster online/unlimited account. The other things I have to do is get him a dorm checklist and start buying household items for him AND I want to make him a CJ so that he will have menus, cleaning, everything planned before he leaves. I really have a feeling that it's where he will be going to school. PLUS its 4 years so he can play soccer all 4 years if he wants. OH! The other thing I need to do is outline his degree plan for him and figure in how many CLEPS he can take to knock off some butt time and save some more money.

On to phase II - I have to get the graduation announcements addressed and figure out how we are going to pay for photos and get them developed and back in time to mail these announcements. We also need to get his letter jacket done before he leaves. Grad announcements still need some vellum (and I'll cut the edges with my scrapbook scissors), and some envelope seals. We purposely didn't order these because we knew we could just buy the stuff for about 1/10 of the price.
Phase III - I need to find a checklist/timeline or etiquette website to give me some kind of plan for having guests come in -- especially guests who are exes. I just hope everyone will be adults.
Phase IV - (though this should really be Phase I!!!!!) is to get the house cleaned up and in order before the guests all get here. Basically we have 7 weeks. I guess I need to make a timeline for MyPoolBoy to handle that, also. There is probably plenty that we can do for little or know money, so we're gonna have to just break down and do it. I know we'll be exhausted but I think we will be happy in the long run.
Saving $ means I HAVE to get home in time to cook every night. I may do some OAMC just to get me through the next few weeks if I can set aside a day to do it. SOOOOO we probably really need to sit down and do a budget.
Prom was last night, that was beaucoup de $ But I was making sure that Thunderduck didn't end up next year watching TrainWreck get everything that we COULD have done for him... it sucks being the oldest and having all the mistakes happen at YOUR events.
One more thing -- I told Thunderduck earlier in the year that I was going to hold up a sign at his graduation but now I can't remember what it was gonna say. Time to wrack my brains!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Adding to the bi+ch list and I give up

I left off at #40 so I want to add ...
#41. I wish the district would formulate an across the board TAKS plan for ALL grade levels (boo-hoo wah-wah- even 2nd grade - too bad k.g.!!!!) It really pisses me off that I ordered materials for 2nd when I thought that I would be teaching it and even conceded to get the 1st grade level because she swore it was too hard (well, hell, so is the 3rd grade TAKS test, but we don't get to go down a level just cuz we want to!) One of the 2nd grade teachers saw a post I wrote about this on TNet and she got upset and showed the others. k.g. got all "offended" and went to the a.p. with it. Well the a.p. has not even said one word to me - why? because it is STUPID for her to go running and tattling. The other point that one of the other 2nd grade teachers and I made was that no one else got "offended" but her -- because she is the one who REFUSED to use anything for test-prep. She won't even use the Daily Moose math that all the other 2nd grade teachers use.

I was like 157 this morning - it is PMS week AND I just ate about 1/2 of a giant sized bar of Dark Hersheys. Do I care? No. I'm going to consume an insane amount of Mexican food and alcohol on Saturday. Why bother? Who am I trying to impress? I'm gonna see if I can find some loose fitting comfortable clothing and just the hell with it. My feet hurt and I have shinsplints and I just am gonna eat oh well.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Oh, heck yeah!

I got down below what I thought was the impassable mark this morning!

I've been taking the fatburner tablets faithfully -- thinking that I'm gonna get around to exercising this Easter holiday weekend, but no dice. Actually, I started feeling run-down and sick yesterday afternoon -- I think that stress finally caught up with me. SOOOOO I got the turkey in the oven and I'm directing MyPoolBoy on how to prepare his first holiday meal ever! He's in there cooking some breakfast right smells good.

Thunderduck and his friends brought home a video yesterday of them boxing at the park pavilion Thursday after school. It was a riot! They started with "footage" of them all at Super Taco and mouthing off to each other. They were basically the only ones in there, except for some other HS kids who the camera panned over to for some cheering and "fan footage" REALLY DUMB but COMPLETELY HILARIOUS!

We got Thunderduck's tux ordered for the prom, and they've worked on "the car" a little, but the engine has been sitting out in the rain and weather so long that I think it is ruined (I'm a little mad about this, because that car ran when we bought it -- it was only after they tore it all down to paint the engine parts that it got left to go to seed)

Took Chunk to the Easter egg hunt at the park yesterday and then went to the feed store and bought a green duck and two chickens. We named the duck Thunderduck, of course...I hope to get some website stuff online today with their pictures.

I bought a Country Sampler magazine yesterday with PERFECT paint colors and decor for the front porch. Plus a few really cute living room ideas. I'm gonna get some stuff on a webpage for it, too.

My other "to-do" lists for today include making a book reading list on Yahoo/Palm, getting Thunderduck's colleges settled, convincing someone to do the rest of the colors of laundry sort/toss done for me, and probably update the Easter webpage to include some songs and movies/DVDs ideas.

OH speaking of holidays! The tree is down and out! I just baggied and labeled the ornaments, washed the skirt and put them in the storage bin-- I still need to find the boxes for the Hallmark ornaments and get a wish list for the ones we still need. AND I put the Spode back in the boxes and in the storage bin. But I was able to clear off the table and put out some new bright spring-y placemats and the Easter baskets and egg holders. I haven't gotten anything else out except the door wreath and the kitchen towels. I really need to inventory and label this box and print the CJ page for it, too.

TrainWreck may be going to the Texas Relays if he jumps over 44 feet again. He was over 41 at Kerrville and won and he will probably be the district champ.

Dad and B said that they may come down for the powwow on the 2nd -- TrainWreck will be in San Angelo for the relays, but Thunderduck and Lurch both said they will probably go dance -- I plan on being in San Antonio for our annual Lucille trip. I absolutely have to remember to send the guest list to the lady at HATM today.

So last night at dinner while discussing the powwow, Thunderduck and Lurch came up with a plan for a talent for Lurch in the Mr. Packmule contest in May (only 5 guys per grade level at the hs are picked for this --it is quite an honor!)...he is going to "fake" sign language to "If You Wanna Be Happy." Too funny.

Ok, so the plan is to stay in bed the rest of the day and get well. I have to grade papers tomorrow and do what little bit of lesson plans I have left to do (since I delegated stuff to the kids at school -- including typing!).

Friday, March 25, 2005

Bi+ch List

I have jokingly told my colleagues at school that I was going to start a running bitch list of all the stuff that goes wrong at our campus and in our district in general. I'm gonna start it here and probably add and edit until we get our end-of-year surveys to fill out -- then I won't forget anything!

OK, Unloading with both barrels here:
1. Open House held on the NIGHT WE STARTED EASTER BREAK!
2. ILLEGALLY and repeatedly being asked by the technology department to submit technology lesson plans on top of our weekly lesson plans to our administrator. I'll probably cite the Education Code on this one!
3. The unGodly amount of time it takes for a computer to get repaired in our district -- because classroom computers are not "priority" (this is the exact word that we were told when we called -- it seems that administrators come before the kids)
4. The absolute hide-and-seek method for finding the install files for Star and AR
5. The stupid way the technology "curriculum" (HA!) was thrust upon the teachers this year. No scope and DEFINITELY NO sequence, wrong TEKS listed on the scope they finally DID give us.
6. No useful suggestions of websites from our I.T. (she's been seen by 4th/5th grade teachers sitting on her @$$ and playing on the computer during the day). The website links she DOES send us are often not even remotely related to the core curriculum TEKS for our grade levels.
7. The incorrect, conflicting, and non-understandable definition of "integration of technology" we keep getting from the head shed C & I -- he thinks that COMPUTER-BASED INSTRUCTION is the only true integration.
8. 3rd graders with no running water or bathrooms next to our classrooms because TECHNOLOGY didn't want to move the special areas computer wires down to the other end of the hall.
9. The $10,000 marquee we are STILL raising money for and no one wants but our principal -- CEIC has voted it down SEVERAL TIMES -- that money could be better spent on a small copier for each teacher's lounge to save us on walk time.
10. The fact that our principal allowed a child to move to another class "for an academic challenge" just because the parents have money -- without consulting the classroom teachers before doing it. The child is now doing WORSE on her report cards --the "academic challenge" BS was just so she could be with her friends.
11. The fact that the C&I guy overruled the GT testing deadline for THESE SAME PARENTS AND SAME CHILD 3 months after the deadline. Apparently it IS who you are.
12. Bilingual Dept. having us send her the report card grades of all the denial students on a separate form each 6 weeks. This is redundant paper work (since she could get a copy of the report cards herself) and probably also is illegal under the Paperwork Reduction Act.
13. Bilingual Dept. having classroom teachers be pulled out of classroom for 2 hours to do RPTE testing on denial kids -- we were told of this on the Friday before the test (a Monday). The excuse we got was that they thought it would be better for a class to miss their teacher for 1/2 day instead of the Bilingual dept. head spending several days doing it. I hate to tell them, but 20 NON BILINGUAL NOT EVEN DENIAL kids had no language arts teacher for 2 hours -- that is not 1/2 a day to a team-teacher THAT IS A WHOLE DAY OF LANGUAGE ARTS!
14. The lack of places to sit on the playground and at the car pick-up areas. Some of the day care kids have to wait out there for 30 or more minutes.
15. The fact that the K-2 teachers had to paint their own rooms with their own money after the teachers had fought for years to get the maintenance dept to promise it would be done last summer, and they never came through. This was a school board meeting item last year -- what happened?
16. The unbalanced classrooms at the new school vs. other campuses. Why do they have under 16 kids per class and another campus has been over the legal limit all year? Draw the boundaries a little broader and be very strict with the transfer requests.
17. Our campus seems to get behavior problem students that SHOULD BE attending another campus. I had 3 such students in my room last year from that same school, and 1 this year.
18. The inconsistent way that discipline is handled on our campus. One of our students was allowed to repeatedly do no homework without consequences after the parent refused the usual punishment of after school detention because it was an inconvenience to the parent to drive into town after 4pm. BTW This is a student who SHOULD BE AT ANOTHER CAMPUS! The ass't principal even told one student who was sent to the office, "If this is about no homework don't even come in here."
19. The 1 hour of wasted time for "ENRICHMENT" Ya, know BULLSHIT is an enrichment for soil and this is exactly what that hour is. I could be teaching more than 2 hours a day if we didn't have to accomodate that stupid schedule.
20. The fact that we keep getting told by head shed to do everything the same as every other campus, yet we seem to be the only campus that tries to follow those directives -- right down to the schedule that we followed at the beginning of the year that they recommended and FAILED TWICE at implementing. Every campus is not the same -- we shouldn't be trying to make them that way. THIS IS A BLATANT MICROMANAGING NIGHTMARE
21. Having an I.T. that is rude, hateful, and bitchy to all staff. Told a staff member to get out fo the way and not touch a computer that had a problem because she would "just screw it up"
22. Music teacher/Music Nazi has reportedly LEFT MARKS on children grabbing them. She yells at them and the students and parents complain or drop out of choir (which has been cancelled) because she is so mean to the kids. If a classroom teacher behaved in this manner they would very likely be fired.
23. The erosion on the playground lower field that has caused to children to twist their ankles and get injured. The maintenance dept. merely dumped some LOOSE DIRT onto the holes the day before a major rain. The problem is now WORSE. The kids have lost half of their playground.
24. Maintenance dept. leaves materials and equipment under the building by the playground with a sign that says "Stay Away" further limiting the amount of play space the children have.
25. Parents unloading kids in the back of the building -- they sit in the employee parking spaces to braid kids' hair and sign folders and by the time employees find another parking place, they turn around and leave -- forcing the employees to park far from their own building and walk further.
26. The fact that we cannot park in all the spaces behind the building.
27. The lack of aides in the inclusion classroom -- there is one who comes to my room during "enrichment" and one who comes every other day to help a bilingual student. The SpEd teacher comes every day for 30 minutes. There are NO TITLE AIDES AT ALL DURING THE LANGUAGE ARTS BLOCK FOR THE INCLUSION CLASSROOM.
28. Many of the speech, SpEd, Resource, Inclusion, bilingual (denials), 504 ADD kids were put into the same homeroom - ostensibly for "scheduling purposes" for SpEd, but it has made the regular classroom instructional day scheduling a nightmare - kids are pulled in and out at odd times throughout the day -- this makes for an unbelievable amount of ARDs (that are always held during our already-limited planning time) FURTHERMORE -- many of these kids could still probably benefit from the stability of a self-contained classroom, but we HAVE to be team-teaching "like everyone else" WHICH IS NOT HAPPENING -- WHY ARE WE THE ONLY CAMPUS FOLLOWING THIS "RULE"????? STOP MICROMANAGING!!!!!!!!!!!
29. The airconditioners that are falling through (being held up by timbers over the gaping hole next to the building).
30. No "lounge" -- merely "workrooms"
32. The stupidity of having the kids stand in line for 15 minutes of their 30 minute lunch period telling the cafeteria ladies what they want to eat before they are allowed to punch in their number and go through the line.
33. An inordinate number of ARDs, meetings, "trainings" and other time-consuming fracass that eats away the little bit of planning hour we have every day. (It is further infuriating that the secondary teachers all have much more planning time than we do and fewer subjects/classes to plan for).
34. On top of the planning periods being taken up -- we are now tutoring 2 days per week, so there goes our after-school plan time, too!
35. Teachers seem to have more duties than the aides...Good Lord, when I was an aide, we did ALL recess duty, PLUS before or after-school duty, PLUS some of us had to do lunchroom duty. We still taught 3-4 ALP groups per day, and went to serve in 3-4 upper level classrooms per day, too! AND had a planning period on Fridays.
36. The fact that in the spirit of "doing it like everyone else" we have been FORCED to have team teaching 3rd grade and above -- the 5th grade schedule is grueling and STUPID. And, turns out -- not everyone else is doing it that way AFTER ALL -- STOP TRYING TO MICROMANAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!
37. Lack of recognition for teachers and staff by the district and/or campus.
38. Why are the TAKS scores Recognized-level (or close) at the grades below high school and then the kids get up to high school and they are failing? (it seems like our hard work and building-blocks go down the toilet when they get up there)
39. Sidewalks in front of the head shed and by the gym flood to the point of impassability nearly every time it rains.
40. Having to go "the long way" through the 2-3 bldg to get from the gym to the K-1 building if it is raining because of the aforementioned flooded sidewalks and the lack of awnings -- understandable that you don't want to block the front of the Granite bldg for historical reasons, but what about that sidewalk BESIDE the granite bldg to the front door of the school.
(BTW I would thank them for the awning that they DID build in front of the office)

Good God! I've been typing for over an hour! Whew! This has been really therapeutic!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Embracing my blondeness

After watching Legally Blonde again this weekend, I would have to say that I am finally resigned to just embracing my blondness at this point in my life. The first time we saw it when it came out - I KNEW the pool guy was gay when the line about the shoes came up I also pegged the perm incident before the character did. MyPoolBoy completely cracked up at that because he had been saying through the whole movie how he thought they must have patterned this character after me. (IF I had decided to go ahead and be a lawyer, yep, that would've been me!) Anyway -- my stepmom sent me this purse with beaded flamingos on it to go with my flamingo collection at school, and I just decided it is high time I start using it. At least it takes a little weight out of my school bag! Add to that all the froo froo pens that I use at school .... yep, I am the Elle Woods of the education world -- 1370 on the SAT's, 4.0 GPA, almost perfect scores on the ExCet.

Weight is ok this morning. I'm going to do lesson plans in a minute and then hopefully work out a little before I hop in the shower. I have to take Lurch and TrainWreck to workout this a.m. so I have to hurry!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

A good kick in the pants what I need! I managed to get the boys to weed through all their red/maroon clothes and am doing a load of laundry. I should really get all of mine out of the closet and pare it down, too. If I get pix of it all and toss stuff out, I will probably have less laundry to deal with. I've got to set a limit (and I'd like to get a CJ page done for it on the web so that I can keep it in my Palm and in the hard copy CJ).

Let's see...the boys are keeping one T-shirt, one polo, one button-down, and one sweater/sweatshirt of each color.

I need to keep:
one T or sweater shell
one polo (though I really don't wear these, so I may just replace it with short sleeve blouses)
one long-sleeve sweater
one cardigan
one blouse
one pair wool and one pair summer pants
one wool and one summer skirt
one wool and MAYBE one summer jacket
one vest
and one turtleneck of each color

That's still a crapload of clothes.

MyPoolBoy and Thunderduck are out working on "the car" -- we are wanting him to get it done by prom so that they can use it that night -- it would be so cool.

Meantime, on the weight side of my life, I started a little of the negative calorie diet and have gone down to 156. Not just the # on the scale, but I already FEEL better -- and I am DETERMINED to get all the Christmas stuff and blankets off the treadmill so that I can work out. I also desperately need to start on the Firm workouts again, because I was REALLY doing well on those 2 years ago. My new goal is to be at 145 by May 5 -- I picked up where I didn't finish on the first 10 in 10 goal and just reset it -- I'm NOT going to try to make up for my shortcomings in the first 10 weeks, I'm sticking to the idea of 10 at a time, no matter where I leave off!

I'm overwhelmed and need to FlyLady some stuff -- babysteps! I am flustered because there is still Christmas stuff out, MyPoolBoy is needing college stuff done, Thunderduck is needing college stuff done, the backyard is a disaster, I am behind at work with lesson plans and stuff, etc. BY THE WAY OMG I AM SO MAD -- the bilingual department head is having me be PULLED OUT OF CLASS to test FOUR KIDS -- while my class gets an aide for 3 hours on Monday I am going to sit in a room with 4 kids and do her job for her. I am going to approach the AP and the Principal when I'm done because I think the lazy witch is pushing all her work off on us and I am NOT happy about it.

OK, I have a schedule/plan -- it needs to have some website and fun stuff added to it so I don't feel like I'm slavedriving myself. Maybe I'll add more later...

Friday, March 18, 2005

Very Dangerous People

There is a scene in the movie "The Replacements" when the regular football teams are going off strike and coming back to play. Gene Hackman's character (the coach) tells his team of replacement players that they have something that the pros don't -- the fact that there is no tomorrow for them as a player and that makes them "Very Dangerous People!" I got to see it first-hand tonight when our high school boys soccer team held the district champions to one of the lowest scores all season on their Senior Night! We had only 11 players (exactly enough for a team) -- I think they had about that many SENIORS! Our team had ONE senior (Thunderduck) and even included a few JV that had been moved up because ineligibility just cratered us. The coach joked that he should have hung a "Help Wanted" sign outside his door the week before! Anyway, Thunderduck got completely pumped up and was going after the ball like nothing I had ever seen. One of the 3 that got in the net he had actually blocked by punching it and it went right to one of their other players who kicked it in. Our kids were getting sprains and bumps and bruises but no one could come out, one kid got hit in the nose and it started bleeding, so he HAD to come off the field...and we kept playing with a man down until he could get back in . During the second half, one of our players hurt his ankle enough that they had to stop the game and carry him off the field. One of the JV players just happened to have stayed behind with his parents and they let him suit up and play with the varsity. At another point in the game, one of their best players kept getting in the goalie box and Thunderduck yelled at him to "Back Off F@ggo+!" -- everyone in the stands heard it! Later in the game that player didn't back off enough and when Thunderduck went up for the ball, this kids was right underneath him when he came down. 200 pounds of Offensive Lineman of the Year came down right on top of this kid...and when it did he got a concussion - they hauled him off in an ambulance...that's gonna really screw with their play-offs, I bet! But -- you shouldn't mess with people who have nothing to lose -- they are Very Dangerous People, indeed!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Visine is not doing it...

My eyes are driving me nuts. I have allergies right now and they are SOOOOO watery and itchy! Visine is not cutting it...actually I think it is making them worse!

My weight right now is 156.5 and I am NOT happy about it. I have to get back to the point where I can exercise every day. I am so behind at work -- already after only 2 days back. They just keep piling crap on us! I had a meeting during my conference the first day back and then I had TAKS tutoring to get ready for yesterday during conference. I had to leave right after tutorials yesterday afternoon because it was Sr. Night at the soccer game. Thunderduck's last home game was last night...sigh.

There were only 3 seniors eligible and the other 2's parents weren't able to make it by 6pm (we didn't have a JV game because so many had failed classes!), so I walked the field with the other boy, the coach walked with the girl/manager, and I ran back across the field to walk with Thunderduck (and MyPoolBoy). Thunderduck even let me kiss him on the cheek before walking out with him. I think that he is really starting to realize now that he is almost done. I had him doing a lot of scholarship stuff since the SAT last Saturday and it is really starting to hit home with him that he's almost outta here.

Also, he FINALLY got his DL and started working on his car again. He and 3 of his friends and MyPoolBoy got the water pump put back on. They put up the pop-up awning that we had bought the day that the soccer game was a downpour and the poor boys were sitting in the constant drizzle. MyPoolBoy and the boys built the "stable" that I wanted for MyPoolBoy to have a work area next to his tool shed "barn" -- I may get my little farm after all! Anyway, they were able to store the seats from Thunderduck's car under the stable and we went to Walmart and bought some velour-type upholstery material (navy and cream color) for less than $4 a yard! We also got some light blue rope piping and I got one of the seat covers done and it looks GREAT (I'm pretty pleased with myself -- not bad for a first time!). We also found some vinyl for about $5 a yard that is really close to the same color navy and cream that we will do the door panels with. It's gonna be really pretty. Now I think I could actually do the couch slip covers with some confidence, too!

Got TAKS results: only 3 in our whole grade level didn't pass -- 2 were mine (but they were closer than the other one). One of them only missed it by one question and everyone is going, oh that's so close -- then I tell them that this is the child that made a 28 on the release/practice back in November so the score has come up about FORTY POINTS! I'm just worried that it was a fluke because this is a bilingual student whose parents denied services and I'm pretty much convinced that if we set a bottle of water on the desk where that test was taken, the water would turn to wine! It was really nothing short of miraculous to me!

I got my Palm charged back up and synced with my Yahoo and I'm gonna try really hard to keep my running to-do lists on them updated. I HAVE to get some stuff DONE around here!

Oh, yeah! Felix broke her tailbone snowboarding over Spring Break...she's miserable! (Her son and Thunderduck and their friends had messed with a Ouija board at an old cemetery the week before and asked if anyone would get hurt on the ski trip and the board said they are all freaked out -- it is hilarious!)

Gotta find something to wear and get in the shower -- supposed to only be in the 40s today and I bet I have to do recess duty because Felix can't stand up long enough to do it!

I'm gone...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Blew it

Well, I totally blew it tonight because we went to Wendy's and I did NOT have the salad. I also discovered that my headache situation was probably due to some dehydration! I drank 4 bottles of water in about a 3 hour time frame. I'm gonna try to make sure that I drink a ton of water tomorrow.

Had the boys do some housework (MyPoolBoy was mowing the lawn -- he went and bought himself a new lawnmower instead of repairing the old one -- but I didn't say anything, because there will be no more excuses for the lawn not getting mowed, and he deserves to spend some of his OT money, I suppose). Anyway, I will wake up to a NOT messy house in the morning and I already feel better as far as the depression goes. They really need to realize that they do this to me by just not picking up after themselves!

AND I also have the website back up online and can get to making the Christmas checklists and possibly even the clothes checklists (w/photos?). Now I'm a little more motivated to get some stuff done tomorrow.

Tomorrow's top ten: UPDATED
1) Put up one Christmas box *DONE (actually I did the Valentine's box)*
2) Do website checklist for the Christmas box *DONE*
3) Put up ski jackets *DONE*
4) Clean out CJ
5) Clean up/clear counters in computer room
6) Get MyPoolBoy to drop off/update car insurance for Thunderduck
7) Make checklist of sweaters (web)
8) Declutter (photos) of sweaters (web)
9) Clean front yard
10) Move the foosball table SOMEWHERE!

Some days....

Ya know, I really wanted to use this blog as an outlet for writing/creativity, but it seems like some days it's just my vent board. Some days are becoming most days...

My head hurts because I'm starving myself because I am up to 158 again (I'm like a friggin yoyo all the damn time!)

I have done NO EXERCISE all spring break, my house is worse than ever, and I was sick yesterday. Needless to say, I still have vodka left, too. I'm not enjoying being home at all. The guilt of the mess, the piss-off-ness I feel at it not being my mess, but the lazy MEN I live with (the boys want me to drive them here, there, etc., but then they also stay up all night and trash the place). Flylady does not work with my attitude the way it is, but h3ll, it wasn't working with a good attitude, either - I can't win when 4 people are trashing the place behind me when I go to bed.

Got a Yahoo Launch Radio station set up with 80s music to go with my HS alumni yahoo group that I've started. Listening to that helps a little -- I did eat right today. But I still don't want to clean house or get up and exercise.

MyPoolBoy will be home any minute...the freakin dogs keep getting out of their fence and they spent the night in the house having the World Championship Crap-Off everywhere until he can get home and figure out what's wrong with the fence/gate/wire. Example: Weasel-"I can crap more than you can, Lady." Lady - "I bet you can't crap sideways." Weasel - "I can crap and make it leave a little trail all the way down the hallway." Lady - "Wow! Impressive. You truly are a crap genius!"

In the meantime, the cat is trying to puke in as much square footage of the kitchen as possible.
I'm so tired of cleaning up after the boys and their animals -- the turtle died, but now they want a duck. I'm thinking.....NO!

Anyway, I took Thunderduck, TrainWreck, and Lurch up to the basketball courts at the park for a 3 on 3 tournament. Their team was the Custodians (cuz they clean up the court). They lost in the first round 12 to 4.

Hmmmm if I were to do a Top Ten list today what do I want to accomplish?
1) Shave my legs (actually, I already did this) *DONE*
2) Drink an apple martini
3) Con someone into cleaning the cat puke in the kitchen for me *DONE*
4) Drink another apple martini
5) Make the boys take out the trash *DONE*
6) Drink a third apple martini
7) Get the dogs out of the house and send someone behind them to scoop up all their "championship" piles *DONE*
8) Have an apple martini chaser for the 3 I drank already
9) Convince the males to clean up the Christmas stuff
10) Watch the house get clean while I shout orders and drink apple martinis

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Top Ten Again

Gonna try to do this Top Ten thing again and make myself some goals. So far I feel like I've accomplished very little -- I think I 've been so stressed out before spring break that I don't want to do ANYTHING now!

So, tomorrow I want/have to:
1) Take Thunderduck to Walmart and find some cheap material to do seat covers for "the car".
That means I will have to:
2) Measure all the seats in Thunderduck's car *DONE*
3) Take Thunderduck to buy bolts to put his water pump and fan back on his engine
4) Clean the kitchen & do dishes *DONE*
5) Make some beans & sausage or else the crockpot chicken stuff for dinner (we are having tuna sandwiches for lunch - poor Chunk has been wanting them for 2 days now!) *DONE*
6) Put up one box of Christmas decorations -- don't laugh this is a really serious situation right dadburn tree is still up
7) Take Chunk to the movies at 10am to see "The Pacifier" for the free spring break deal *DONE*
8) Clean out the CJ
9) Convince various assortments of my children to mow the yard for me
That means I will have to:
10) Clean the yard.

BTW - I am really tired of that inconsiderate MAN that I am married to bouncing the freaking bed every time he sits on it, puts on shoes, lays down, etc. He doesn't know how much his lard butt bounces everything. He is such a bull in a china shop! GOOD LORD! You rude jerk! Freaking lay down like a normal human. The worst is in the morning when his lazy butt is supposed to be at work at 4am but he lays in bed until 3:50 and then jumps up and runs to get shoes and clomps them on while sitting on the bed and then rushes out the door without brushing his teeth or anything -- and then wonders why I a) don't want to kiss his nasty self and b) did I go back to sleep after he left? Heck no I didn't go back to sleep! I know how ants in an ant farm feel when their little world gets turned upside down by sugar-loaded, Ritalin-needing children get ahold of them. You are an incredible oaf. No one can sleep with your fat slob self practically knocking them out of bed.

WHEW! What a vent. I love having a blog.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Spring Break isn't over until you run out of vodka

I have discovered apple martinis.
I plan to be as unsober as possible for the next 7 days.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Spring Break -- 2 more days COUNTDOWN!

157 pounds
I talked with Felix today and she's as exhausted as I am. It's not the partnering that's killing us, it is the mix of kids in one class. It is barely 8:00 and I'm already ready for bed. And I haven't even been getting up early either!

In 2 more days I get out of that place for a week! YEE HAW!

On the family side, Chunk scored his first and only basket during a critical moment during his basketball tournament last Saturday. Then Monday, Trainwreck broke (smashed, shattered, completely obliterated) the school record in triple jump by THREE FEET! OMG!

2 more days, 2 more days, 2 more's a mantra.....I will be at peace *LOL*

Monday, February 28, 2005

Victim of Acronyms

Between TAKS and PMS I am T-I-R-E-D (Truly Incapable of Real Exercise and Diet).

157 this morning.

I am going to wear my olive colored wool pants and a warm sweater (the navy flower jacquard one, I think). It is supposed to be cold today and I have recess duty. Still need to do lesson plans - and grades are due tomorrow (though I think I have enough already).

I'm so tired, I'm miserable. I need Spring Break!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Van Damme movies

Have you ever noticed that if you replaced all the fighting with sex in VanDamme-type movies that you'd be left with nothing but a regular ole porn movie? Honestly, the plot (term for what you're SUPPOSED to think the movie is about) is usually about as thinly stupid, and the dialog is almost word for word the same except for the situations being proposed.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Yep, TAKS took its toll

Combination of TAKS overeating/no exercise (due to exhaustion)/and PMS week has me back up to 158 this morning. And I am craving pie or cheesecake or something right now..even though I am having SlimFast for breakfast every morning and have pretty much cut out coffee, and I had salad like 3 times this week -- I just have to start exercising again.

I did find out that I am going to have to tutor math from now until mid-April, but at least the majority of my stress over the Reading TAKS is over. Most of the kids worked until after 1pm, so I am hopeful. I need to spend this weekend getting caught up on grades, and doing lesson plans for next week (before Spring Break). Then I need to be ready to tutor my bilingual kids somehow, because I fully expect that at least one of them will fail the reading test.

My house is filthy...I'm so tired of it. I really want this school year to just be over has been exhausting, non-stop insanity. We have had such horrible problems with kids and parents this year that I am completely fed up and depressed (another reason for the overeating and weight gain).

Monday, February 21, 2005

Idol Worship

Not since the first season have I given a rat's butt about the outcome of this show. But while flipping through channels I heard Moon River done by Anwar Robinson -- not only is he easy to look at, but this is the most awesome version of MOON FREAKING RIVER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD that I have ever heard.

Hope this he wins...he took a huge risk with that corny old song and it was great!


Hit 155 this am
But it's pms week and I feel bloated, so this probably won't last long.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Who can you trust with a busload of teenage boys?

Me, apparently.
One of the JV soccer boys got hurt in the game right before Thunderduck and Moondoggie's game (they're both on varsity now). He was hurt badly enough that they had to have EMS take him to the hospital for x-rays. SOOOO the JV coach ended up having to go with him in the ambulance to the hospital. He was searching the stands for a district employee to ride back on the bus with the boys and take them to dinner. There were 3 possibilities...I think because I have so many teenage boys of my own, I was the most logical choice. It actually wasn't too bad. When I went down to the sidelines to get the tax form and $ for dinner about 5 of the boys started jumping up and down and shouting -- they were all kids I had taught and they were way excited. After some joking about "let's go to Hooter's for dinner", we finally found DQ open and ate there. Let me tell you -- if you ever need to eat in Wimberly Texas on a Friday night after 8pm you are SOL! It was DQ or Pizza Hut -- I'm not lying -- EVERYTHING ELSE WAS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a small town! I also ended up being a major hero because there were 3 girls in DQ that a bunch of the boys kept ogling -- I helped the boys get their phone #s.


Monday, February 14, 2005

Sick and Tired on Valentine's Day

I've had a cold/sinus infection for the past 4-5 days. Consequently, I've eaten very little -- can't taste it, cold medicine keeps me asleep anyway. I'm down to 156 with my pj's on. If I exercise tonight or tomorrow (still need to recuperate a day I think!), I might can keep it off. I have no appetite again this morning. Yesterday I had MyPoolBoy go get me some grilled chicken and MADE myself eat it. I just didn't want to eat anything. If I could just get under 155 -- the half-way mark -- I'd feel SOOOO much better!

Went shopping for a little while yesterday with MyPoolBoy and the boys. We got some new shoes for Thunderduck and TrainWreck and Lurch, and went clothes shopping. They went to Half-Price Books, but I stayed in the car because I was feeling so bad. We then went and ate and I came home and took some sinus meds and crashed. I was in bed almost all day Saturday, too. Whatever this was really kicked my butt.

7 school days until TAKS. Usually by this time, I am boasting about how relaxed I am compared to other teachers -- because usually by this time I KNOW all my kids will be fine. There are so many "maybes" this year....that might be part of the reason I'm sick -- I'm just flat out too stressed! I'm fixing to do lesson plans...mostly TAKS review. I feel really sorry for the kids who already know it. They are stuck with a panicked teacher and these stupid review sheets. OH! Semi-good news: One of the teachers from the other elementary in town emailed my partner about the treats for TAKS issue and said they were told by higher-ups that it was not allowed. I'm crossing my fingers that it's true! I hate to be such a stick in the mud, but I really think that it is a disservice to the kids and their teachers next year to make them expect rewards for something that they should do anyway.

Ok, gotta finish. I still need to hit Walmart for Valentine's treats before we head off to school.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Down by 1

Well, really 2...but I'm being cautious...I've been so up and down I'm calling it at 157 (even though at one point today it was 155.5!)

I wore my black jeans and little boot shoes and that denim jacket/blouse with black piping trim today.

I had a tiring day. Everything got done for lesson planning, etc. but right off the bat this morning I got a phone call from an irate mom that was upset because Felix and I are making her angel do here homework at recess, and are writing her up for unreasonable reasons, excuse me? This child is not telling the exact truth to mom about why she is getting in trouble in the first place. It may be unreasonable to write-up a child for bringing too many blankets to the read-in. It is NOT unreasonable to write her up for shoving another child out of his chair -- oh, whoops, Mom...she forgot to tell you THAT part. So, I didn't get the copies done that I wanted and had to scramble to get what I needed to get by on before 7:45.

Day went ok, most of the work got done...12 more school days (11 after today) until the test. THEN I found out that I had to go to a dad-gum ESL testing meeting. Now, what aggravates me is that I am not ESL certified...I do not WANT to be ESL certified ON PURPOSE. They gave me ESL/LEP/BIL kids anyway (whatever their label is this year -- the state changes it so much!). The parents have denied services so they are getting NO HELP FROM ESL -- only what I can do in the classroom and whatever tutoring and pull-out stuff I can get them -- yet I am still ultimately responsible for their TAKS scores. Oh, no, let's not hold the PARENTS WHO DENIED SERVICES RESPONSIBLE AT ALL! SO I go to this training/meeting this afternoon and find out that I have to submit 3-5 writing samples before March 14 -- ummmm, ok, that's 5 weeks... you people are getting THREE. I have a TAKS test to get ready for during THREE of those FIVE weeks, you idiots.

At the end of the day, I got a call from the trainer at the HS -- Lurch cut his shin REALLY bad -- down to the bone...and needed stitches. Well, since I had the meeting I called MyPoolBoy and had him go get him and take him to the emergency room. When I got home, I tried to make dinner and relax a minute, folded a little laundry. MyPoolBoy called while I was cooking and proceeds to scream at me about how the emergency room is wanting full payment and he hopes that I wasn't planning on eating or doing anything else for the next front of Lurch, and Lurch came home feeling horribly guilty about getting hurt in the first place. I swear, I get so pissed at that man! He is so unnecessarily negative so much of the time. Here I am fighting depression on a daily basis, always trying to turn the other cheek and keep my spirits up and he spews forth negativity every time he opens his mouth. He can't just phrase stuff in a calm way and punctuate it with "everything will be ok, though." What a jerk. And he wonders why I can't be all hyperly in love with him. He is a large cause of my depression. It is bad enough that he brings me down by lying to me or not telling me about 1/2 of all he says and does, but the half that he DOES tell me he is overreacting or dramatizing something and making me worry as much or more about the unknown.

Well, to console myself and the boys from his blow-up I baked a few dozen cookies...there goes my 1 (or 2) pounds, probably. DANGIT!

Now I have a headache. I'm going to go to bed and try to work in the morning.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Tried to post this yesterday. I absolutely have to start remembering to save a copy/draft before I try to publish because it is totally erasing everything I type when I hit the publish button. My uploading has been slow on the website, too.

I did a lot of graphics switching around on the website the past few days. I'm trying to get as many of the graphics as possible from one CD to simplify things. So I actually have been able to delete a couple of folders. I'm also making some more custom cursors so that I can get rid of the Comet Cursors on all the pages. I probably need to update my school site too. I want to get the Learning Links sections saved as html on my little clippy disk so that I can use them again next year by just pasting the code into the page.

Yesterday, was relatively quiet for our anniversary, but we didn't go anywhere or even sit together and watch TV. Lurch was at a powerlifting meet, l had a basketball game and a birthday party, TrainWreck went to a friend's house, and Thunderduck went to spend the night at a friend's house. Ample opportunity to spend a few minutes together, but I think MyPoolBoy is still uncomfortable with me because of all the crap that's happened.

YUM! I'm having a cup of homemade cappuccino and Bailey's while I type. So I should be pretty relaxed in a few minutes LOL!

As far as school goes...good cow! I still think that I have about 7 or 8 kids that might not pull through because of apathy. I finally broke down and bribed them with homework passes on our last Kamico quiz and they did fabulous. All the other third grade teachers were saying "we told you they'd come around" and "just wait until the real test when we offer the toys and rewards". But I now have whored myself out for test results -- which I have NEVER done. I've always been able to get the kids to do it for themselves or, at the very least, to do it for me...never for toys and homework passes. I think when this year is over I will mention to them how hard it is for the fourth grade teachers to get these kids to do work when there's not a reward at stake. I really think we are sending them the wrong message...and the upper grades have to deal with this ploy of giving them toys for makes it tough for the fourth grade teachers. Hopefully, though, the second grade teachers are going to send us kids that are much more ready for the third grade to begin with and it will be easier.

Stuff I want to do today (don't laugh)
Finish cleaning house and do some laundry
Put up Christmas decorations (I told you, don't laugh!)
Do lesson plans and grade a few sets of papers
Go over budget and bills with MyPoolBoy
Update the school website
Do some more graphics updating on our website

I think I'll make a Top Ten list and break it down by hour -- starting in about 30 minutes so I can finish my coffee!

Saturday, February 05, 2005


It's so frustrating to need to take care of myself and have chaos at school keeping me exhausted and without enough time to do it.

Only 12 more school days until the damn test is over and I can have about 75% of my life back. I fully expect 1/4 of my kids to not pass the test. They are THAT apathetic...what was encouraging on Friday, though, was that I whored myself out and bribed them with homework passes to do all their strategies on a Kamico quiz...I had one class with almost all 100's and the low class had over half of them 100s. The other 3 teachers on my grade level were all "see, we told you they could do it" but it just really crossed a line for me...I've NEVER had to bribe kids to try. The other teachers don't understand how frustrating it is at the upper grade level to get these kids that EXPECT a reward for doing what they are supposed to be doing was so tough to get them from the lower grade level and have to teach them that they weren't going to get a prize for doing something they are supposed to be doing anyway. We are even going so far as to order TOYS for them for TAKS day. I'm just FLABBERGASTED. I'm not gonna fight it this year, but I will probably mention it before we start things next year. Just to let them know what a struggle it creates for the grade level above us. I'm hopeful that we will get them from the grade below us a little more prepared this year, etc. Alright, that rant's over.

Chunk is at a birthday party at the mini-golf place right now. TrainWreck just went over to a friend's house to play video games. Lurch is at a weightlifting meet. Thunderduck MIGHT be fixin to go to a friend's house to spend the night. MyPoolBoy and I might actually have a little time to talk just by ourselves since it's our anniversary and we are A) going nowhere B) doing nothing and C) still uncomfortable around each other because of MyPoolBoy's latest fiasco.

I've been working on the website a lot the last 2 days, and I've managed to move some of the clipart CD that I have into folders on the website. I'm wanting to replace as much of the graphics as I can with that CD's graphics exclusively (streamlining my folders on the site). Also took a nap today to catch up on the rest that I'm not getting every morning by getting up at 4 am. Speaking of...I did some housecleaning today, too, so I feel a little less guilty about THAT.

The bunny is out hopping around and just came to see me. He's such a sweet little rabbit.

Ok. I'm outta here for now.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


OMG it is FREEZING and drizzly -- totally gross weather!

Got some more website stuff caught up last night and this morning. I even did a round of minor chores this morning (no sweeping/mopping/etc.) and had boys to school in time for weight-lifting and zero hour, etc.

School was ok...I'm a little behind where I want to be for writing and on the basal reader story that we are doing, but I'm ok on grading and have a little bit of paperwork that I can manage to do in the morning in about 30 minutes time or so. After-school tutoring was aggravating though because I had two little darlings who were playing and talking. I reamed 'em out and sent a letter home to be signed and returned. I also talked to the principal and I am going to send them to the office first thing in the morning. It's like I said the other day...I have some who WILL NOT pass TAKS -- it has nothing to do with ability...they must really like being in this grade enough to stay another year. I really don't think they believe that they will fail if they don't pass it.

I need to wash my face and put on moisturizer - the boys (Lurch and Chunk) are fixin' to bathe the little dogs...this is gonna be hilarious! Thunderduck and TrainWreck are at a soccer game -- it was just too darn cold and rainy today for me to want to drag my exhausted self out of town to go watch.

OK...gonna work on website stuff for a while...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Sucks to Be Me

Started my dayum period.

A week early.

On my birthday no less.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Irresponsibility Runs Amok

I swear MyPoolBoy drives me nuts! It's bad enough that he does completely irresponsible crap, but then he starts asking me "what's wrong?" "what's wrong?" "what's wrong?" I always tell him that I just keep it all bottled up because if I tell him what is wrong he will just get pissed. He always says "no I won't" so - out of vindictivenss I guess - I always tell him. ....and he always gets pissed! Well the last 10 days have been one big screw-up after another for him. Last night we were going to go out and he said he would stop and fill up the car because he never gives me any money for gas during the week -- I think he feels like he has to be in control of something because he never was allowed any control when he was living with his parents....they did everything for him. Anyway, we start driving out of town and he passes by EVERY SINGLE GAS STATION -- when we got about halfway to our destination I asked him why did he wait to get gas....he just goes "Oh, I forgot. We'll get some up here." (about a 1/2 mile away) Right then the car starts to sputter and die and we managed to get off the road and turn on the hazard lights -- which BTW the left one doesn't work because he won't take it to the shop to get checked out....of course, THAT is my fault too because I always have the car and he can't ever get it to take it to the shop (like I couldn't take the Suburban ONE day and have him take my car). SOOOOO the jerk starts walking to go get gas and calls Felix (who has been home all day with a sick teenager -- and has her come pick his stupid butt up and drive him to the gas station and back to the car.

I am just LIVID! I did tell him that I get tired of living like we are poor -- there is no reason except for his irresponsibility that we have had this stuff happen to us. If we didn't have the money that would be one thing -- if he had half a brain in his head we wouldn't be dealing with this...he is SO IMMATURE!!!!!!!! I really thought that after 18 years he'd grow out of of SOME OF IT! WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW today I am walking on the treadmill and he compliments me on my @ss. I just rolled my eyes and kept walking. He asked me what was wrong -- don't I like getting compliments? I told him that I don't mind compliments but they always seem to be about my @ss -- as if I don't have anything else that he can say something nice about...and that it always seemed to have sexual motivations behind it when he did compliment me....WOW I feel so loved because you've been staring at my butt and that's all I am to you...yeah, I hop right into bed with you because that's the kind of stupid person I am.

SO while I am in here checking email, he comes back in to the room (I guess because he just likes to pick a fight) and asks "Why don't you want me to pay you a compliment?" I told him that I don't mind a compliment but they always seem to be about a sexual part of my body and it feels like blackmail to make me get in the sack with him. I'd just rather not have any compliments than have them that are sexual in nature and there is an inferred stipulation attached to them. He yells, "Fine, I guess I just won't give you any compliments any more."
Oh yeah, darn, my loss.....
I just told him that I couldn't believe he walked all the way back to this end of the house just to pick a fight -- no response --

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Well, holy cow

I'm tired, but not exhausted. We've been at Chunk's basketball practice and Thunderduck and Trainwreck's soccer games today. I did some paper grading and know what I'm gonna do about lesson plans after I clean house tomorrow, so I'm not freaked out over how much stuff I need to do (because it is under control).

Two computer problems-- I STILL can't get my soundcard driver to work on my laptop and the webpage is not publishing (I think I may have to get the backup cd and do the little frontpage trick). Ok, I'm gonna work on getting my soundcard going.