Thursday, March 31, 2005

Adding to the bi+ch list and I give up

I left off at #40 so I want to add ...
#41. I wish the district would formulate an across the board TAKS plan for ALL grade levels (boo-hoo wah-wah- even 2nd grade - too bad k.g.!!!!) It really pisses me off that I ordered materials for 2nd when I thought that I would be teaching it and even conceded to get the 1st grade level because she swore it was too hard (well, hell, so is the 3rd grade TAKS test, but we don't get to go down a level just cuz we want to!) One of the 2nd grade teachers saw a post I wrote about this on TNet and she got upset and showed the others. k.g. got all "offended" and went to the a.p. with it. Well the a.p. has not even said one word to me - why? because it is STUPID for her to go running and tattling. The other point that one of the other 2nd grade teachers and I made was that no one else got "offended" but her -- because she is the one who REFUSED to use anything for test-prep. She won't even use the Daily Moose math that all the other 2nd grade teachers use.

I was like 157 this morning - it is PMS week AND I just ate about 1/2 of a giant sized bar of Dark Hersheys. Do I care? No. I'm going to consume an insane amount of Mexican food and alcohol on Saturday. Why bother? Who am I trying to impress? I'm gonna see if I can find some loose fitting comfortable clothing and just the hell with it. My feet hurt and I have shinsplints and I just am gonna eat oh well.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Oh, heck yeah!

I got down below what I thought was the impassable mark this morning!

I've been taking the fatburner tablets faithfully -- thinking that I'm gonna get around to exercising this Easter holiday weekend, but no dice. Actually, I started feeling run-down and sick yesterday afternoon -- I think that stress finally caught up with me. SOOOOO I got the turkey in the oven and I'm directing MyPoolBoy on how to prepare his first holiday meal ever! He's in there cooking some breakfast right smells good.

Thunderduck and his friends brought home a video yesterday of them boxing at the park pavilion Thursday after school. It was a riot! They started with "footage" of them all at Super Taco and mouthing off to each other. They were basically the only ones in there, except for some other HS kids who the camera panned over to for some cheering and "fan footage" REALLY DUMB but COMPLETELY HILARIOUS!

We got Thunderduck's tux ordered for the prom, and they've worked on "the car" a little, but the engine has been sitting out in the rain and weather so long that I think it is ruined (I'm a little mad about this, because that car ran when we bought it -- it was only after they tore it all down to paint the engine parts that it got left to go to seed)

Took Chunk to the Easter egg hunt at the park yesterday and then went to the feed store and bought a green duck and two chickens. We named the duck Thunderduck, of course...I hope to get some website stuff online today with their pictures.

I bought a Country Sampler magazine yesterday with PERFECT paint colors and decor for the front porch. Plus a few really cute living room ideas. I'm gonna get some stuff on a webpage for it, too.

My other "to-do" lists for today include making a book reading list on Yahoo/Palm, getting Thunderduck's colleges settled, convincing someone to do the rest of the colors of laundry sort/toss done for me, and probably update the Easter webpage to include some songs and movies/DVDs ideas.

OH speaking of holidays! The tree is down and out! I just baggied and labeled the ornaments, washed the skirt and put them in the storage bin-- I still need to find the boxes for the Hallmark ornaments and get a wish list for the ones we still need. AND I put the Spode back in the boxes and in the storage bin. But I was able to clear off the table and put out some new bright spring-y placemats and the Easter baskets and egg holders. I haven't gotten anything else out except the door wreath and the kitchen towels. I really need to inventory and label this box and print the CJ page for it, too.

TrainWreck may be going to the Texas Relays if he jumps over 44 feet again. He was over 41 at Kerrville and won and he will probably be the district champ.

Dad and B said that they may come down for the powwow on the 2nd -- TrainWreck will be in San Angelo for the relays, but Thunderduck and Lurch both said they will probably go dance -- I plan on being in San Antonio for our annual Lucille trip. I absolutely have to remember to send the guest list to the lady at HATM today.

So last night at dinner while discussing the powwow, Thunderduck and Lurch came up with a plan for a talent for Lurch in the Mr. Packmule contest in May (only 5 guys per grade level at the hs are picked for this --it is quite an honor!)...he is going to "fake" sign language to "If You Wanna Be Happy." Too funny.

Ok, so the plan is to stay in bed the rest of the day and get well. I have to grade papers tomorrow and do what little bit of lesson plans I have left to do (since I delegated stuff to the kids at school -- including typing!).

Friday, March 25, 2005

Bi+ch List

I have jokingly told my colleagues at school that I was going to start a running bitch list of all the stuff that goes wrong at our campus and in our district in general. I'm gonna start it here and probably add and edit until we get our end-of-year surveys to fill out -- then I won't forget anything!

OK, Unloading with both barrels here:
1. Open House held on the NIGHT WE STARTED EASTER BREAK!
2. ILLEGALLY and repeatedly being asked by the technology department to submit technology lesson plans on top of our weekly lesson plans to our administrator. I'll probably cite the Education Code on this one!
3. The unGodly amount of time it takes for a computer to get repaired in our district -- because classroom computers are not "priority" (this is the exact word that we were told when we called -- it seems that administrators come before the kids)
4. The absolute hide-and-seek method for finding the install files for Star and AR
5. The stupid way the technology "curriculum" (HA!) was thrust upon the teachers this year. No scope and DEFINITELY NO sequence, wrong TEKS listed on the scope they finally DID give us.
6. No useful suggestions of websites from our I.T. (she's been seen by 4th/5th grade teachers sitting on her @$$ and playing on the computer during the day). The website links she DOES send us are often not even remotely related to the core curriculum TEKS for our grade levels.
7. The incorrect, conflicting, and non-understandable definition of "integration of technology" we keep getting from the head shed C & I -- he thinks that COMPUTER-BASED INSTRUCTION is the only true integration.
8. 3rd graders with no running water or bathrooms next to our classrooms because TECHNOLOGY didn't want to move the special areas computer wires down to the other end of the hall.
9. The $10,000 marquee we are STILL raising money for and no one wants but our principal -- CEIC has voted it down SEVERAL TIMES -- that money could be better spent on a small copier for each teacher's lounge to save us on walk time.
10. The fact that our principal allowed a child to move to another class "for an academic challenge" just because the parents have money -- without consulting the classroom teachers before doing it. The child is now doing WORSE on her report cards --the "academic challenge" BS was just so she could be with her friends.
11. The fact that the C&I guy overruled the GT testing deadline for THESE SAME PARENTS AND SAME CHILD 3 months after the deadline. Apparently it IS who you are.
12. Bilingual Dept. having us send her the report card grades of all the denial students on a separate form each 6 weeks. This is redundant paper work (since she could get a copy of the report cards herself) and probably also is illegal under the Paperwork Reduction Act.
13. Bilingual Dept. having classroom teachers be pulled out of classroom for 2 hours to do RPTE testing on denial kids -- we were told of this on the Friday before the test (a Monday). The excuse we got was that they thought it would be better for a class to miss their teacher for 1/2 day instead of the Bilingual dept. head spending several days doing it. I hate to tell them, but 20 NON BILINGUAL NOT EVEN DENIAL kids had no language arts teacher for 2 hours -- that is not 1/2 a day to a team-teacher THAT IS A WHOLE DAY OF LANGUAGE ARTS!
14. The lack of places to sit on the playground and at the car pick-up areas. Some of the day care kids have to wait out there for 30 or more minutes.
15. The fact that the K-2 teachers had to paint their own rooms with their own money after the teachers had fought for years to get the maintenance dept to promise it would be done last summer, and they never came through. This was a school board meeting item last year -- what happened?
16. The unbalanced classrooms at the new school vs. other campuses. Why do they have under 16 kids per class and another campus has been over the legal limit all year? Draw the boundaries a little broader and be very strict with the transfer requests.
17. Our campus seems to get behavior problem students that SHOULD BE attending another campus. I had 3 such students in my room last year from that same school, and 1 this year.
18. The inconsistent way that discipline is handled on our campus. One of our students was allowed to repeatedly do no homework without consequences after the parent refused the usual punishment of after school detention because it was an inconvenience to the parent to drive into town after 4pm. BTW This is a student who SHOULD BE AT ANOTHER CAMPUS! The ass't principal even told one student who was sent to the office, "If this is about no homework don't even come in here."
19. The 1 hour of wasted time for "ENRICHMENT" Ya, know BULLSHIT is an enrichment for soil and this is exactly what that hour is. I could be teaching more than 2 hours a day if we didn't have to accomodate that stupid schedule.
20. The fact that we keep getting told by head shed to do everything the same as every other campus, yet we seem to be the only campus that tries to follow those directives -- right down to the schedule that we followed at the beginning of the year that they recommended and FAILED TWICE at implementing. Every campus is not the same -- we shouldn't be trying to make them that way. THIS IS A BLATANT MICROMANAGING NIGHTMARE
21. Having an I.T. that is rude, hateful, and bitchy to all staff. Told a staff member to get out fo the way and not touch a computer that had a problem because she would "just screw it up"
22. Music teacher/Music Nazi has reportedly LEFT MARKS on children grabbing them. She yells at them and the students and parents complain or drop out of choir (which has been cancelled) because she is so mean to the kids. If a classroom teacher behaved in this manner they would very likely be fired.
23. The erosion on the playground lower field that has caused to children to twist their ankles and get injured. The maintenance dept. merely dumped some LOOSE DIRT onto the holes the day before a major rain. The problem is now WORSE. The kids have lost half of their playground.
24. Maintenance dept. leaves materials and equipment under the building by the playground with a sign that says "Stay Away" further limiting the amount of play space the children have.
25. Parents unloading kids in the back of the building -- they sit in the employee parking spaces to braid kids' hair and sign folders and by the time employees find another parking place, they turn around and leave -- forcing the employees to park far from their own building and walk further.
26. The fact that we cannot park in all the spaces behind the building.
27. The lack of aides in the inclusion classroom -- there is one who comes to my room during "enrichment" and one who comes every other day to help a bilingual student. The SpEd teacher comes every day for 30 minutes. There are NO TITLE AIDES AT ALL DURING THE LANGUAGE ARTS BLOCK FOR THE INCLUSION CLASSROOM.
28. Many of the speech, SpEd, Resource, Inclusion, bilingual (denials), 504 ADD kids were put into the same homeroom - ostensibly for "scheduling purposes" for SpEd, but it has made the regular classroom instructional day scheduling a nightmare - kids are pulled in and out at odd times throughout the day -- this makes for an unbelievable amount of ARDs (that are always held during our already-limited planning time) FURTHERMORE -- many of these kids could still probably benefit from the stability of a self-contained classroom, but we HAVE to be team-teaching "like everyone else" WHICH IS NOT HAPPENING -- WHY ARE WE THE ONLY CAMPUS FOLLOWING THIS "RULE"????? STOP MICROMANAGING!!!!!!!!!!!
29. The airconditioners that are falling through (being held up by timbers over the gaping hole next to the building).
30. No "lounge" -- merely "workrooms"
32. The stupidity of having the kids stand in line for 15 minutes of their 30 minute lunch period telling the cafeteria ladies what they want to eat before they are allowed to punch in their number and go through the line.
33. An inordinate number of ARDs, meetings, "trainings" and other time-consuming fracass that eats away the little bit of planning hour we have every day. (It is further infuriating that the secondary teachers all have much more planning time than we do and fewer subjects/classes to plan for).
34. On top of the planning periods being taken up -- we are now tutoring 2 days per week, so there goes our after-school plan time, too!
35. Teachers seem to have more duties than the aides...Good Lord, when I was an aide, we did ALL recess duty, PLUS before or after-school duty, PLUS some of us had to do lunchroom duty. We still taught 3-4 ALP groups per day, and went to serve in 3-4 upper level classrooms per day, too! AND had a planning period on Fridays.
36. The fact that in the spirit of "doing it like everyone else" we have been FORCED to have team teaching 3rd grade and above -- the 5th grade schedule is grueling and STUPID. And, turns out -- not everyone else is doing it that way AFTER ALL -- STOP TRYING TO MICROMANAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!
37. Lack of recognition for teachers and staff by the district and/or campus.
38. Why are the TAKS scores Recognized-level (or close) at the grades below high school and then the kids get up to high school and they are failing? (it seems like our hard work and building-blocks go down the toilet when they get up there)
39. Sidewalks in front of the head shed and by the gym flood to the point of impassability nearly every time it rains.
40. Having to go "the long way" through the 2-3 bldg to get from the gym to the K-1 building if it is raining because of the aforementioned flooded sidewalks and the lack of awnings -- understandable that you don't want to block the front of the Granite bldg for historical reasons, but what about that sidewalk BESIDE the granite bldg to the front door of the school.
(BTW I would thank them for the awning that they DID build in front of the office)

Good God! I've been typing for over an hour! Whew! This has been really therapeutic!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Embracing my blondeness

After watching Legally Blonde again this weekend, I would have to say that I am finally resigned to just embracing my blondness at this point in my life. The first time we saw it when it came out - I KNEW the pool guy was gay when the line about the shoes came up I also pegged the perm incident before the character did. MyPoolBoy completely cracked up at that because he had been saying through the whole movie how he thought they must have patterned this character after me. (IF I had decided to go ahead and be a lawyer, yep, that would've been me!) Anyway -- my stepmom sent me this purse with beaded flamingos on it to go with my flamingo collection at school, and I just decided it is high time I start using it. At least it takes a little weight out of my school bag! Add to that all the froo froo pens that I use at school .... yep, I am the Elle Woods of the education world -- 1370 on the SAT's, 4.0 GPA, almost perfect scores on the ExCet.

Weight is ok this morning. I'm going to do lesson plans in a minute and then hopefully work out a little before I hop in the shower. I have to take Lurch and TrainWreck to workout this a.m. so I have to hurry!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

A good kick in the pants what I need! I managed to get the boys to weed through all their red/maroon clothes and am doing a load of laundry. I should really get all of mine out of the closet and pare it down, too. If I get pix of it all and toss stuff out, I will probably have less laundry to deal with. I've got to set a limit (and I'd like to get a CJ page done for it on the web so that I can keep it in my Palm and in the hard copy CJ).

Let's see...the boys are keeping one T-shirt, one polo, one button-down, and one sweater/sweatshirt of each color.

I need to keep:
one T or sweater shell
one polo (though I really don't wear these, so I may just replace it with short sleeve blouses)
one long-sleeve sweater
one cardigan
one blouse
one pair wool and one pair summer pants
one wool and one summer skirt
one wool and MAYBE one summer jacket
one vest
and one turtleneck of each color

That's still a crapload of clothes.

MyPoolBoy and Thunderduck are out working on "the car" -- we are wanting him to get it done by prom so that they can use it that night -- it would be so cool.

Meantime, on the weight side of my life, I started a little of the negative calorie diet and have gone down to 156. Not just the # on the scale, but I already FEEL better -- and I am DETERMINED to get all the Christmas stuff and blankets off the treadmill so that I can work out. I also desperately need to start on the Firm workouts again, because I was REALLY doing well on those 2 years ago. My new goal is to be at 145 by May 5 -- I picked up where I didn't finish on the first 10 in 10 goal and just reset it -- I'm NOT going to try to make up for my shortcomings in the first 10 weeks, I'm sticking to the idea of 10 at a time, no matter where I leave off!

I'm overwhelmed and need to FlyLady some stuff -- babysteps! I am flustered because there is still Christmas stuff out, MyPoolBoy is needing college stuff done, Thunderduck is needing college stuff done, the backyard is a disaster, I am behind at work with lesson plans and stuff, etc. BY THE WAY OMG I AM SO MAD -- the bilingual department head is having me be PULLED OUT OF CLASS to test FOUR KIDS -- while my class gets an aide for 3 hours on Monday I am going to sit in a room with 4 kids and do her job for her. I am going to approach the AP and the Principal when I'm done because I think the lazy witch is pushing all her work off on us and I am NOT happy about it.

OK, I have a schedule/plan -- it needs to have some website and fun stuff added to it so I don't feel like I'm slavedriving myself. Maybe I'll add more later...

Friday, March 18, 2005

Very Dangerous People

There is a scene in the movie "The Replacements" when the regular football teams are going off strike and coming back to play. Gene Hackman's character (the coach) tells his team of replacement players that they have something that the pros don't -- the fact that there is no tomorrow for them as a player and that makes them "Very Dangerous People!" I got to see it first-hand tonight when our high school boys soccer team held the district champions to one of the lowest scores all season on their Senior Night! We had only 11 players (exactly enough for a team) -- I think they had about that many SENIORS! Our team had ONE senior (Thunderduck) and even included a few JV that had been moved up because ineligibility just cratered us. The coach joked that he should have hung a "Help Wanted" sign outside his door the week before! Anyway, Thunderduck got completely pumped up and was going after the ball like nothing I had ever seen. One of the 3 that got in the net he had actually blocked by punching it and it went right to one of their other players who kicked it in. Our kids were getting sprains and bumps and bruises but no one could come out, one kid got hit in the nose and it started bleeding, so he HAD to come off the field...and we kept playing with a man down until he could get back in . During the second half, one of our players hurt his ankle enough that they had to stop the game and carry him off the field. One of the JV players just happened to have stayed behind with his parents and they let him suit up and play with the varsity. At another point in the game, one of their best players kept getting in the goalie box and Thunderduck yelled at him to "Back Off F@ggo+!" -- everyone in the stands heard it! Later in the game that player didn't back off enough and when Thunderduck went up for the ball, this kids was right underneath him when he came down. 200 pounds of Offensive Lineman of the Year came down right on top of this kid...and when it did he got a concussion - they hauled him off in an ambulance...that's gonna really screw with their play-offs, I bet! But -- you shouldn't mess with people who have nothing to lose -- they are Very Dangerous People, indeed!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Visine is not doing it...

My eyes are driving me nuts. I have allergies right now and they are SOOOOO watery and itchy! Visine is not cutting it...actually I think it is making them worse!

My weight right now is 156.5 and I am NOT happy about it. I have to get back to the point where I can exercise every day. I am so behind at work -- already after only 2 days back. They just keep piling crap on us! I had a meeting during my conference the first day back and then I had TAKS tutoring to get ready for yesterday during conference. I had to leave right after tutorials yesterday afternoon because it was Sr. Night at the soccer game. Thunderduck's last home game was last night...sigh.

There were only 3 seniors eligible and the other 2's parents weren't able to make it by 6pm (we didn't have a JV game because so many had failed classes!), so I walked the field with the other boy, the coach walked with the girl/manager, and I ran back across the field to walk with Thunderduck (and MyPoolBoy). Thunderduck even let me kiss him on the cheek before walking out with him. I think that he is really starting to realize now that he is almost done. I had him doing a lot of scholarship stuff since the SAT last Saturday and it is really starting to hit home with him that he's almost outta here.

Also, he FINALLY got his DL and started working on his car again. He and 3 of his friends and MyPoolBoy got the water pump put back on. They put up the pop-up awning that we had bought the day that the soccer game was a downpour and the poor boys were sitting in the constant drizzle. MyPoolBoy and the boys built the "stable" that I wanted for MyPoolBoy to have a work area next to his tool shed "barn" -- I may get my little farm after all! Anyway, they were able to store the seats from Thunderduck's car under the stable and we went to Walmart and bought some velour-type upholstery material (navy and cream color) for less than $4 a yard! We also got some light blue rope piping and I got one of the seat covers done and it looks GREAT (I'm pretty pleased with myself -- not bad for a first time!). We also found some vinyl for about $5 a yard that is really close to the same color navy and cream that we will do the door panels with. It's gonna be really pretty. Now I think I could actually do the couch slip covers with some confidence, too!

Got TAKS results: only 3 in our whole grade level didn't pass -- 2 were mine (but they were closer than the other one). One of them only missed it by one question and everyone is going, oh that's so close -- then I tell them that this is the child that made a 28 on the release/practice back in November so the score has come up about FORTY POINTS! I'm just worried that it was a fluke because this is a bilingual student whose parents denied services and I'm pretty much convinced that if we set a bottle of water on the desk where that test was taken, the water would turn to wine! It was really nothing short of miraculous to me!

I got my Palm charged back up and synced with my Yahoo and I'm gonna try really hard to keep my running to-do lists on them updated. I HAVE to get some stuff DONE around here!

Oh, yeah! Felix broke her tailbone snowboarding over Spring Break...she's miserable! (Her son and Thunderduck and their friends had messed with a Ouija board at an old cemetery the week before and asked if anyone would get hurt on the ski trip and the board said they are all freaked out -- it is hilarious!)

Gotta find something to wear and get in the shower -- supposed to only be in the 40s today and I bet I have to do recess duty because Felix can't stand up long enough to do it!

I'm gone...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Blew it

Well, I totally blew it tonight because we went to Wendy's and I did NOT have the salad. I also discovered that my headache situation was probably due to some dehydration! I drank 4 bottles of water in about a 3 hour time frame. I'm gonna try to make sure that I drink a ton of water tomorrow.

Had the boys do some housework (MyPoolBoy was mowing the lawn -- he went and bought himself a new lawnmower instead of repairing the old one -- but I didn't say anything, because there will be no more excuses for the lawn not getting mowed, and he deserves to spend some of his OT money, I suppose). Anyway, I will wake up to a NOT messy house in the morning and I already feel better as far as the depression goes. They really need to realize that they do this to me by just not picking up after themselves!

AND I also have the website back up online and can get to making the Christmas checklists and possibly even the clothes checklists (w/photos?). Now I'm a little more motivated to get some stuff done tomorrow.

Tomorrow's top ten: UPDATED
1) Put up one Christmas box *DONE (actually I did the Valentine's box)*
2) Do website checklist for the Christmas box *DONE*
3) Put up ski jackets *DONE*
4) Clean out CJ
5) Clean up/clear counters in computer room
6) Get MyPoolBoy to drop off/update car insurance for Thunderduck
7) Make checklist of sweaters (web)
8) Declutter (photos) of sweaters (web)
9) Clean front yard
10) Move the foosball table SOMEWHERE!

Some days....

Ya know, I really wanted to use this blog as an outlet for writing/creativity, but it seems like some days it's just my vent board. Some days are becoming most days...

My head hurts because I'm starving myself because I am up to 158 again (I'm like a friggin yoyo all the damn time!)

I have done NO EXERCISE all spring break, my house is worse than ever, and I was sick yesterday. Needless to say, I still have vodka left, too. I'm not enjoying being home at all. The guilt of the mess, the piss-off-ness I feel at it not being my mess, but the lazy MEN I live with (the boys want me to drive them here, there, etc., but then they also stay up all night and trash the place). Flylady does not work with my attitude the way it is, but h3ll, it wasn't working with a good attitude, either - I can't win when 4 people are trashing the place behind me when I go to bed.

Got a Yahoo Launch Radio station set up with 80s music to go with my HS alumni yahoo group that I've started. Listening to that helps a little -- I did eat right today. But I still don't want to clean house or get up and exercise.

MyPoolBoy will be home any minute...the freakin dogs keep getting out of their fence and they spent the night in the house having the World Championship Crap-Off everywhere until he can get home and figure out what's wrong with the fence/gate/wire. Example: Weasel-"I can crap more than you can, Lady." Lady - "I bet you can't crap sideways." Weasel - "I can crap and make it leave a little trail all the way down the hallway." Lady - "Wow! Impressive. You truly are a crap genius!"

In the meantime, the cat is trying to puke in as much square footage of the kitchen as possible.
I'm so tired of cleaning up after the boys and their animals -- the turtle died, but now they want a duck. I'm thinking.....NO!

Anyway, I took Thunderduck, TrainWreck, and Lurch up to the basketball courts at the park for a 3 on 3 tournament. Their team was the Custodians (cuz they clean up the court). They lost in the first round 12 to 4.

Hmmmm if I were to do a Top Ten list today what do I want to accomplish?
1) Shave my legs (actually, I already did this) *DONE*
2) Drink an apple martini
3) Con someone into cleaning the cat puke in the kitchen for me *DONE*
4) Drink another apple martini
5) Make the boys take out the trash *DONE*
6) Drink a third apple martini
7) Get the dogs out of the house and send someone behind them to scoop up all their "championship" piles *DONE*
8) Have an apple martini chaser for the 3 I drank already
9) Convince the males to clean up the Christmas stuff
10) Watch the house get clean while I shout orders and drink apple martinis

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Top Ten Again

Gonna try to do this Top Ten thing again and make myself some goals. So far I feel like I've accomplished very little -- I think I 've been so stressed out before spring break that I don't want to do ANYTHING now!

So, tomorrow I want/have to:
1) Take Thunderduck to Walmart and find some cheap material to do seat covers for "the car".
That means I will have to:
2) Measure all the seats in Thunderduck's car *DONE*
3) Take Thunderduck to buy bolts to put his water pump and fan back on his engine
4) Clean the kitchen & do dishes *DONE*
5) Make some beans & sausage or else the crockpot chicken stuff for dinner (we are having tuna sandwiches for lunch - poor Chunk has been wanting them for 2 days now!) *DONE*
6) Put up one box of Christmas decorations -- don't laugh this is a really serious situation right dadburn tree is still up
7) Take Chunk to the movies at 10am to see "The Pacifier" for the free spring break deal *DONE*
8) Clean out the CJ
9) Convince various assortments of my children to mow the yard for me
That means I will have to:
10) Clean the yard.

BTW - I am really tired of that inconsiderate MAN that I am married to bouncing the freaking bed every time he sits on it, puts on shoes, lays down, etc. He doesn't know how much his lard butt bounces everything. He is such a bull in a china shop! GOOD LORD! You rude jerk! Freaking lay down like a normal human. The worst is in the morning when his lazy butt is supposed to be at work at 4am but he lays in bed until 3:50 and then jumps up and runs to get shoes and clomps them on while sitting on the bed and then rushes out the door without brushing his teeth or anything -- and then wonders why I a) don't want to kiss his nasty self and b) did I go back to sleep after he left? Heck no I didn't go back to sleep! I know how ants in an ant farm feel when their little world gets turned upside down by sugar-loaded, Ritalin-needing children get ahold of them. You are an incredible oaf. No one can sleep with your fat slob self practically knocking them out of bed.

WHEW! What a vent. I love having a blog.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Spring Break isn't over until you run out of vodka

I have discovered apple martinis.
I plan to be as unsober as possible for the next 7 days.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Spring Break -- 2 more days COUNTDOWN!

157 pounds
I talked with Felix today and she's as exhausted as I am. It's not the partnering that's killing us, it is the mix of kids in one class. It is barely 8:00 and I'm already ready for bed. And I haven't even been getting up early either!

In 2 more days I get out of that place for a week! YEE HAW!

On the family side, Chunk scored his first and only basket during a critical moment during his basketball tournament last Saturday. Then Monday, Trainwreck broke (smashed, shattered, completely obliterated) the school record in triple jump by THREE FEET! OMG!

2 more days, 2 more days, 2 more's a mantra.....I will be at peace *LOL*