Saturday, February 06, 2016

Old Hat

So. Yesterday we took our kids to the local museum (read: former school admin building full of random old crap that local families donated after they cleaned out their dead mother in laws storage building and couldn't even get Goodwill to take it - we have only donated Native American dance regalia, so definitely random but not technically old). 
In the back room alcove there was a pink cowboy hat with rhinestones or some other bling crap on it. My students immediately came to get me and asked me if my family had donated it. 

I replied to them that it was not mine. 

And then instructed them that we could make it mine, if a few of them were willing to be a self-sacrifice and create a diversion by knocking over something expensive-looking so that I could grab it and make a run for it. Told the rest of them to save themselves and meet me back at the classroom. 

No takers. I'm not so sure it was because they don't have a sense of teamwork but more because they do possess a healthy level of fear of whether I'm kidding or not.