Monday, September 06, 2010


Here is the report that I had to send to the GrandMarshal this evening.  I wonder if the rat's name was Ben?

When I was leaving from dropping off my sub plans this evening (exiting the west door behind the cafeteria) I saw a BIG GIANT FREAKING NEW YORK CITY SEWER RAT running from the cafeteria across the sidewalk and out into the grass by Hyphen's window.

I am not exaggerating about it being a big giant freaking New York City sewer rat; as in, it was not a field mouse nor an escaped pet gerbil nor a shaved hamster.  It possibly could have been a malformed chihuahua or a possum that had been in some sort of nuclear accident.  At any rate, the campus cats are either falling down on the job and should be written up for neglecting their duties OR the campus cats have been EATEN by this big giant freaking New York City sewer rat.

I only surmise that he was from New York City because he was heading back north.