Saturday, October 29, 2005

I Have a Groupie Story

I forgot I had a groupie story.... Tonight we were watching MTV w/ some show about 80s metal music and they were doing interviews with all these old bands about how they got the girls backstage. So, I will never tell MyPoolBoy this story because he gets jealous over nothing (and this is really practically nothing). Anyway, one of the bands was Quiet Riot. Somehow it brought back this repressed memory (or just old age forgotten memory!) of seeing them in concert back in our old hometown. My friend and I had gone downstairs between bands to get a coke from the concession stand or something and on our way we got called aside by the opening band who had just finished. We got to go as far as the dressing room door and got our ticket stubs autographed -- but we were both too chicken to go in! We just thanked the guys and said we wanted to get back to see Quiet Riot perform. Looking back -- DUH I coulda missed the concert and probably got to hang with the band later, but I was a nice girl with too much common sense.


I suck as a groupie.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


No not the Microsoft software group - I spent the day Saturday cleaning Chunk's old room (since Thunderduck moved out, the boys have done some room-switching). I kept Chunk's desk in there, MyPoolBoy moved my treadmill in, and set up some shelves for my yoga mat and a cd player. It's really nice. So I will eventually get my laptop back onto my treadmill and move the CJ and printer in there. The computer room will be strictly a craft room -- I think it will be nice to have a quiet closed off place to deal with bills or to exercise or work on school stuff. No more working from bed! I am not going to allow myself to NOT relax in my own bedroom. No more reminders of calendars and bills in the craft room. I will probably re-sub to the scrapbooking list and start working on that again regularly. I have GOT to reclaim my personal life!