Thursday, June 28, 2012

Letter Rip

This is supposed to be all inspirational for planning a wedding and being romantic and whatever blah blah blah.  The bride and groom write each other a note to read before the ceremony. 

I was drawn to the changes of the expression on the bride's face (joyful, pensive, then touched -or heartbroken cuz he decided to end the letter with an "it's not you it's me and I can't go through with the wedding).  In contrast, check out the expression on HIS face - it never changes. 

I think it is because he is still trying to sound out the words!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Games People Play

OMG.  I just participated in the most exhausting game of Fetch ever known to mankind.  DammitDog, Killer, and Spazz would dutifully run after the ball I threw, but the little one couldn't get his mouth around the ball to bring it back and ended up just jumping around and barking like a fool. 

The 2 big dogs chased the ball, but by the time they crossed the yard to get to it, they apparently forgot why they were running and got all sidetracked into some sort of ADHD version of Tag and neglected to follow through with their end of the game, too.

In the meantime, DonnyCat began to feel left out of the frolicking and proceeded to start his own game of "Attempted Murder" by weaving in and out of my legs each time I went to "fetch" the dogs' effing ball for them. 

The V Word - And It's Not VODKA

If you are getting your dander up and even remotely thinking I am going to be all political with this post you are way off, so you can pick your beer back up and put your earrings back on.

Look, the only party I will say I totally support is a cocktail party.  Or a keg party.  Because, honestly, people, I am too busy trying to mess up my own life to give too much of sh1t about politics messing it up.  Now don't get me wrong... the government is important, and the news is important, but I am the parent of two sons in the military and, pretty much all I care about is that no one shoots at them.

Ok, ok, I don't want anyone shooting at the 2 sons who are NOT in the military, either.

Here's the issue - I am linking to a video to describe what I am talking about in case you, like me, get your news from Google newsfeeds, gossip at the taco stand, and the Daily Show. (Jon Stewart: The Vagina Idealogues)

Why is everyone so shocked that using the "V" word got this woman in trouble?

H3ll, using my V-word got me "in trouble" FOUR TIMES!