Saturday, October 18, 2008

Impressed by Success

To atone for some irresponsibility-type sins, Thunderduck bought me a thrift-store copy of Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet. As he was checking out, he said the redneck lady at the register commented "You know, I saw him once"

TD: Oh really?

RedneckRegisterLady: Yeah, I was at a UT football game... I don't know why cuz we're Aggies at my house, maybe they were playing the Aggies... anyway this limo pulls up and the door opened and there he was --

Spuds MacKenzie!

TD (trying not to bust out laughing in her face cuz I've tried to instill in the boys that openly laughing at someone's mental shortcomings is distasteful and rude): Oh, really? Well, this is for my mom... she went to see Rick Springfield a few years ago.

RRL: Yeah, well, I've never seen Rick. I think I'd rather see the dog, anyway.

As disconcerted as I am that not everyone appreciates him as much as I, at least I know there's that much less competition.

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