Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kissin' Tale

So my prolonged illness and general feeling of malaise has continued on into the month of December.

This week it has manifested itself in my sinuses as some sort of stuffy annoying throat-irritating incarnation.  I am still very run-down feeling and can't seem to shake one thing without catching the next great thing.  I even missed the faculty Christmas party.

Yes.  I was THAT sick. 
Here is what I chose to imbibe upon that evening:


Now that I have less definitive  symptoms, the diagnoses have  become more difficult.  In fact, they have pretty much degenerated to flat-out speculation. 
Duckit asked me if it could be mono.

This became the dinner conversation at home last night. 
I announced Duckit's query and commented, "I don't know what mono would be like." 
MyPoolBoy blurted out a surprised, "What?"
I said, "I never had mono, so I really don't know what mono would be like.".
And he said, "I got that.  I just can't believe YOU got through high school without ever catching mono."

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