Monday, April 01, 2013

Somebunny Stop Me

So.  Trainwreck and BrideOfTrainwreck and the Grandsh1t are visiting this week.  Y'all know I have mercilessly tormented BrideOfTrainwreck  with the warning that my babysitting skills consist of a bottle of vodka (for me) and a rabbit hutch (for the little "angel").
Yesterday we were all hanging out in the backyard, and the Grandsh1t walked over behind the bbq area and proceeded to mess with the latch on the rabbit hutch.  The verbalizations that followed that event were one-sided, yet hysterical.

BrideOfTrainwreck:  Grandsh1t, get out of the rabbit hutch.
This followed by a brief pause where I was mustering an ear-to-ear grin in preparation for an all-out guffaw -- which was interrupted with this:
BrideOfTrainwreck: Shut up, WTP.

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