Friday, January 07, 2005


Recovering from the holidays at school has been rough, but I think that I have stuff under control with grading -- I am PLANNING that the kids check stuff like the Kamicos and DOL, that cuts my grading down to spelling tests and essays only. Spelling tests will take like 10 minutes to do all 40 papers...I won't mind doing essays if that is all that I have to do. I also have been putting the page numbers from all my workbook resources into the syllabus (I think I mentioned that already) so that I can just look at the syllabus and write down what I want to do. I'm hoping to get copies for next week's objectives made today so that I can just plug in my plans. OH! I also have cut down how many days I spend on a story in guided reading -- I think I was overkilling it. We're doing 2-3 days per story and that's it -- I can spend the other 2-3 days on Kamico and checking TAKS stuff. Only 7 weeks until the test! We have to start tutorials on the 18th -- I still have to send in the paperwork on my partner's class today!

Ok, I have to wake the boys in about 8 minutes.

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