Sunday, January 16, 2005

Irresponsibility Runs Amok

I swear MyPoolBoy drives me nuts! It's bad enough that he does completely irresponsible crap, but then he starts asking me "what's wrong?" "what's wrong?" "what's wrong?" I always tell him that I just keep it all bottled up because if I tell him what is wrong he will just get pissed. He always says "no I won't" so - out of vindictivenss I guess - I always tell him. ....and he always gets pissed! Well the last 10 days have been one big screw-up after another for him. Last night we were going to go out and he said he would stop and fill up the car because he never gives me any money for gas during the week -- I think he feels like he has to be in control of something because he never was allowed any control when he was living with his parents....they did everything for him. Anyway, we start driving out of town and he passes by EVERY SINGLE GAS STATION -- when we got about halfway to our destination I asked him why did he wait to get gas....he just goes "Oh, I forgot. We'll get some up here." (about a 1/2 mile away) Right then the car starts to sputter and die and we managed to get off the road and turn on the hazard lights -- which BTW the left one doesn't work because he won't take it to the shop to get checked out....of course, THAT is my fault too because I always have the car and he can't ever get it to take it to the shop (like I couldn't take the Suburban ONE day and have him take my car). SOOOOO the jerk starts walking to go get gas and calls Felix (who has been home all day with a sick teenager -- and has her come pick his stupid butt up and drive him to the gas station and back to the car.

I am just LIVID! I did tell him that I get tired of living like we are poor -- there is no reason except for his irresponsibility that we have had this stuff happen to us. If we didn't have the money that would be one thing -- if he had half a brain in his head we wouldn't be dealing with this...he is SO IMMATURE!!!!!!!! I really thought that after 18 years he'd grow out of of SOME OF IT! WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW today I am walking on the treadmill and he compliments me on my @ss. I just rolled my eyes and kept walking. He asked me what was wrong -- don't I like getting compliments? I told him that I don't mind compliments but they always seem to be about my @ss -- as if I don't have anything else that he can say something nice about...and that it always seemed to have sexual motivations behind it when he did compliment me....WOW I feel so loved because you've been staring at my butt and that's all I am to you...yeah, I hop right into bed with you because that's the kind of stupid person I am.

SO while I am in here checking email, he comes back in to the room (I guess because he just likes to pick a fight) and asks "Why don't you want me to pay you a compliment?" I told him that I don't mind a compliment but they always seem to be about a sexual part of my body and it feels like blackmail to make me get in the sack with him. I'd just rather not have any compliments than have them that are sexual in nature and there is an inferred stipulation attached to them. He yells, "Fine, I guess I just won't give you any compliments any more."
Oh yeah, darn, my loss.....
I just told him that I couldn't believe he walked all the way back to this end of the house just to pick a fight -- no response --

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