Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Long Time No Post

What all have I been up to? Let's see... Thunderduck made the college soccer team, so I've gotten most of that squared away. He just needs to get a few more scholarships and all of his expenses will be covered without dipping into his tuition fund! He also has a GIRLFRIEND! (the girl he took to prom)
TrainWreck MIGHT go to regionals in triple jump - if the 3rd place kid at district is indeed failing.
Both TrainWreck and Thunderduck got the Packmule Pride award at the soccer banquet (that I spent all afternoon decorating for!) Thunderduck was academic all-district --- strange how he suddenly got serious about his grades this year. I wish TrainWreck would!
Lurch is still doing tae kwon do, and is practicing his talent for Mr. Packmule. Apparently he has a girlfriend, too, but I hear that it is a "middle school relationship" (walk to class with me but don't talk to me!)
Chunk's conduct grade slipped again to N (mostly because of HW not being turned in and TALKING)
We are working on the house from now until Thunderduck's graduation, so I now have my lawn mowed weekly (!) and it has been weed n feeded, my windmill is in the front yard (and is almost done being painted -- it needs the red trim done), my picnic table has been repaired, primed and painted to match the swing. MyPoolBoy is working on cleaning out his shed this week so we can finish another coat of paint on it and make some doors for it. We also will be building a chicken coop on the lower level of the fort and then we can put the rabbit out in the hutch.
I did P90 this AM!!!!! I hate/love the ab ripper! I decided that I will blog as a reward for doing my am workouts, so if I get behind on blogging you'll know it's because I am not working out :-)
Ok, we have a field trip today, and I still have to get Lurch to weight lifting (plus take a shower!) and get everything ready for a sub tomorrow -- I'm going on the field trip with Chunk's class --shhh he doesn't even know it yet!

Ok -- to the shower!

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