Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Office decor and Yahoo blog

First of all .
and bp was 130/80-something this past week
and weight is at 158# (dammit)

Went to Wally world and got some Mary Engelbreit material on sale in the remnant bin and I am going to cover the desk and my treadmill shelf and the office chair with it and put clear vinyl over the desk to keep it clean. Saw the librarian at the other Elem. had done this and it was very cute. Got some black/white check to do a valance on the window and some smaller check to cover the bulletin board and the stool. It ties the whole room together. I am going to go ahead and paint all the walls a lighter color yellow than is in there right now, but it already looks cute just draping the cloth over everything.
MyPoolBoy finished his science class last week, his last history paper today, and got the notes for his algebra final tonight at class. He is almost done with a whole semester! Next he starts speech during Christmas break and then does another semester starting in January. He will probably apply for the aide's job at my campus and hopefully will have time to study and test like he did this past semester at the middle school.
Thunderduck is coming home tonight - a day early -- we haven't told Chunk yet, though. We're going to let him be surprised!
took Lurch to get his late b-day present -- soccer gear. He really thinks that he wants to be goalie. TrainWreck and all the varsity guys he hangs out with took him over to the fields yesterday and shot goals at him and then took him to play Halo with them and hang out at TrainWreck's friend's house.
btw TrainWreck went and got a job at McD's just out of the clear blue -- kinda a good deal, now that I think about it because he will have some running around money since things are tight around here.
L8R = going to go on a quest for cookie dough

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