Monday, December 24, 2007

Walmart Shoppers Trifecta

Ok, I saw 3 GREAT Walmart-ians today while doing some last minute gift buying:
1) Woman who was in her black velour sweat pants and matching velour sweat jacket - I am to assume that she could not find the matching velour running shoes cuz HOME GIRL was BAREFOOT!!!!!!!!!!!
2) Butcherella put her LoneStar Card in the BOTTOM (no, I don't know how or why) of the card-slider-dealie and got it stuck, thus holding up one of the three express lanes that were open and taking a cashier and 2 customer service managers out of circulation for the rest of us to get any transactions completed! Hun, if you are gonna use da welfare, learn yo'self to use it right.
3) Botox Woman in line in front of us - too good to get her bags off of the carousel thing and load back into her basket once the cashier sacked 'em up (I'm assuming her dragon-claw manicure had something to do with it), so we waited for the cashier to walk around the end of the carousel and load her crap, which gave me the opportunity to look a little closer at her heavily-made-up face and notice that just above the botoxed lips was..... a MUSTACHE! Lawrd woman, I think the folks who poked and prodded you into your Barbie doll luster coulda handled that for you whilst they were pumping up your lips!

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