Friday, December 28, 2007

Someone Take Up a Collection for Bail... Just In Case

MIL is still in ICU. They have not done surgery yet. NO ONE IS THERE WITH HER!!!!!

I cannot believe MyPoolBoy is letting her lay in that hospital to go through heart surgery with no family around. I got most of the housework and stuff done last night, so I could be ready to pack and go in less than an hour. I would still have to call and cancel a party we were invited to and go pick up some stuff for lesson plans but he just needs to decide to go.

I swear if I ever fall over with a heart attack and he goes and plays golf I will use my last dying breath to beat the crap out of him with his own 9-iron! I can't believe he is doing this to his mother!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo now he tells me that we spent too much on Christmas and we don't have the gas money to get down there and back and he would be losing money if he doesn't run this poker tournament on New Years.... blah blah blah (I'm thinking it is only the 28th - new year's is 3 days away and they said she'd be out of the hospital by then)

Shoulda thought of that before he spent $ playing mutha eff-ing GOLF yesterday!
Hell, I think we could hock his golf clubs and get gas money -- what the hell is wrong with him????

Money is not REALLY the issue (he is still planning on going to play POKER TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!)

I have stuff set aside in the laundry room (not packed, mind you, but ready to be packed).

I just really don't want to have to maim or kill him during the holidays. Bail bondsmen are probably too short-staffed right now to handle me.

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