Saturday, April 19, 2008


I try not to let politics or controversial stuff infiltrate my blog too much, but this touched a personal nerve with me and PI$$ED ME OFF!

There's dumb and then there's stupid.

Apparently Time magazine is both.

Click the link below to go to the cover - underneath is a poll to vote/rate the cover. I gave it a 1 because there is no choice for 0. Editor got on Fox and said they would not pull the cover and: "There needs to be an effort along the lines of preparing for World War Two to combat global warming and climate change.",16641,20080428,00.html

EFF YOU! Are you freaking kidding me?

I'm pretty sure he's not willing to let the military deliver a telegram of bad news to him after a loved one stormed a beach to win this "war." I bet he is not going to let himself be deafened permanently by the sounds of mortar rounds to defend the honor of a tree. I am guessing that being shot in the leg so that he is plagued by pain with every step he takes for the rest of his life would not be the price he is willing to pay to make others recycle. Or if he would - he's flat-out complete bat-sh1t crazy anyway.

I now want to go drive around all day in my SUV hauling a trailer full of chopped down trees, spraying aerosol, using styrofoam cups to drink coffee, and bag only one item per plastic bag at the grocery store in the hopes that I burn a hole is HIS "footprint" area of the ozone layer.

You know what buddy? There's no ozone layer in hell -- why don't you go there and get used to the "warming."

Here's the letter I wrote to

Dear Sirs:

I was dismayed to see the irreverent use of a tree in place of the American flag on your April 28 cover.
My stomach turned upon viewing your cover, because my uncle (a marine who brought home shrapnel and lifelong nightmares from Iwo Jima) was buried in April of last year. It was a FLAG and not a TREE that was draped over his casket.

Ironically, his birthday is April 30 - 2 days after your cover is dated. Happy birthday, Uncle W.

Please realize that though your Photoshopping graphics designers may be removed from the WWII era because of their youth or ignorance, there are still men and families in America who were touched by that war.

I hope you save a few trees in your "war" by not wasting the paper required to print the copies of this issue.

The only recycling that cover inspires me to do is using the magazine as toilet paper.

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