Saturday, June 14, 2008

Design My Tatt Challenge

This is what I posted to my MySpace Bulletin. I thought I would open it up further to the rest of you. If you want to send me a design and you don't have my email, then leave me a comment and I will arrange for you to send it to me.

Ok, so MyPoolBoy has convinced me to get a tramp stamp (lower back) tattoo that says Jesse's Girl, on the condition that he sign a contract stating that if he ever does anything to make us break up, HE has to pay for the removal of said tattoo as part of the divorce settlement. I refuse to have any reminders in case there is an unfortunate drunken incident at a strip club or something.

You can't get too much more white trash than that!

And Rick Springfield - if you actually read this (since you are on my friends list) I know I left out the "I" but that's how MyPoolBoy spells his name.

BTW I'll probably pick yours automatically if you enter the challenge, so give it a shot - you're a shoe-in!

The rules for the rest of you who are NOT Rick Springfield:

1) I want "Jesse's" on top of the word "Girl" (nasty to say, but that's where I like him! - apologies to my sons for that horrible mental image, but you know your parents DO still do it occasionally)

2) It has to be in lettering that is legible (legible means readable for those of you who graduated from PeytonPlace H.S.). Let's face it - I'm 40 and the only people who will be looking at it are MyPoolBoy (who is also 40), my friend Felix (older than 40), and possibly some dirty old men at the beach. All of whom have failing eyesight due to their advanced age.

3) I would like some sort of simple scrolly-looking decoration at either side to "spread" it out a little.

No fire shooting out or bat wings or crazy crap like that! It's my back, not a '78 Camaro!

4) You have 5 days (4 1/2 really) to submit your entry - by Wednesday, June 18.

We are trying to time this so that
A: Felix and I can have a road trip to get the tatt one day after summer school and
B: It will heal before we go on our beach trip

5) I would prefer just plain black design or VERY little color. Pink, perhaps.

6) Submit your design in GIF format (so that it will print clearly for the stencil for the artist)

7) Once you submit your design to me and the ink hits the skin, you lose all copyrights to the image. Your design will be presented on the lower back of my veryownbody, of which I have recently lost 12 pounds and tanned to the beautiful golden doneness of a pork chop. It will be highlighted further by my latest Walmart acquisition - a white monokini bathing suit.

Happy Designing! May the best tatt win!

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JustinSpruiell said...

AHHHH if you knew there bad mental images involved why did u email it to me