Sunday, July 27, 2008

Time Warp

Apparently MTV is planning to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Dumba$$es. This is one that I just CANNOT fathom being redone correctly. Especially if it is going to include "new, original songs." So who are they going to hire to choreograph the new dances and give us new dialogue to memorize? Let's face it, it's taken me 20+ years to learn just SOME of the OLD version.

Trainspotting was one thing. This is something else entirely. I'm thinking it'll wind up being really corny crap with lame "up-and-coming" stars that will be on VH-1 I Love the 2000's in about 10 years. Or on a where-are-they-now show. Or as a guest on celebrity Deal or No Deal.

OMG what if they turn the Time Warp into a rap song?

Please make arrangements to shoot me in the head repeatedly if this happens.

No one can possibly get the full blunt-force trauma that is RHPS unless you get to throw shi+ at the screen with 200 other drunken idiots while you shield yourself with newspaper so that your date won't get a free shot of your braless wet-tshirt boobs during the rainstorm scene ...I've heard.

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