Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wedding Quotes

Top quotes overheard at Trainwreck and his new bride's wedding last night:

1) after the leftover cake was dropped by DrunkenCollegeKid1 in the parking lot - BosnianDrunkenCollegeKid watched Thunderduck and MyPoolBoy salvage the top tier back into the box to load it into the car to be sent home for dorm-room consumption later, leaving the other tier on the asphalt - comment regarding the cake remaining on the asphalt:
"In Bosnia, that's still good cake!"

2) when Thunderduck introduced me to his friends - comment regarding his expectations for their behavior for the evening:
"Hey guys, this is my mom. No hitting on my mom."

3) during the father of the groom toast (MyPoolBoy) - comment regarding advice to the bride:
"Thanks for taking him off our hands. Now go buy lots of bleach."

4) after ReallyDrunkenCollegeKid dropped leftover-send-to-the-dorm fruit bouquet in the floorboard of Thunderduck's car - comment regarding fruit in the floorboard and his lack of recollection of how it came to be in the floorboard and Thunderduck's futile attempts to clarify the situation:
RDCK-"Dude, what is this in the floor?"
TD-"It's fruit"
RDCK-"Dude, why is their chocolate covered fruit in the floor?"
TD-"You dropped it"
RDCK-"How did I drop chocolate covered fruit in the floor?"
TD-"You were holding the fruit bouquet and you dropped it in the floor"
RDCK-"Who gave me chocolate covered fruit?"

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