Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Shoes Blog

A BannedCamper posted the link to this blog for us to read. Now there's more coffee on my laptop screen. Frikkin' BannedCamp needs to come with disclaimers for shi+ that is this funny -

Warning: May cause involuntary spewing of beverages onto computer monitor. Do not read if you have bladder control issues or are otherwise incontinent as laughing until you pee has occurred in some readers.

You MUST go here:

Swallow whatever you are drinking. Put on your Depends. Grab a hanky cuz you will be crying - from the laughter. Now go read it.

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mkenny59 said...

Hey, thanks for posting this White Trash Princess! (Can I call you that?) So glad you liked it, and thanks for the great feedback and traffic. Have a wonderful non-Christmas Shoes song holiday!