Friday, June 12, 2009

Here's the Skinny

I got some of those diet pills that are supposed to reduce stress in women to help you metabolize and "let go" of unwanted belly fat (like there is any belly fat that I WANTED)... and I'm reading on the box the additional benefits like it controls moodiness (THAT was what made MyPoolBoy jerk it from my hand and fling it directly into our Walmart cart) - anyway - the moodiness thing: it says that you will begin feeling the effects within a few hours.
I must say that I DO feel some sort of an effect. I took 2 pills as directed on the box - then I put on my red & white bikini and got into the pool with a couple of beers. So here I am, 2 pills and 2 Miller Chills later - I am happy to report that these pills work!

Oh, I still have belly fat. I just don't give a shi+.


Donnak said...

LOLOL Maybe I should check into getting some of those. If I'm gonna have it, I'd like to not care that I do!

Anonymous said...

you are very funny!

Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE to get rid of my belly fat,AND enjoy a few chills with a pool boy..ha ha