Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I Got Carted (or, The custodians have to wax the floors now)

School was out at 12 today.

I got home home after 1. Not because I was working....

Baloney and Bi+chslap found a shopping cart that some well-meaning local merchant donated to us when we were making all the moves to the new building. A tool in the hands of some. A toy in the hands of the Lucilles.

Somehow it was left behind in a room down the old hall. Felix and I got into the basket and Hyphen stood on the end while Baloney and Bi+chslap pushed us around the new hall where all the ramps were. Then the other grade levels and staff heard the noise of us screaming and came out to take a turn, too.

I have to admit it was a bit scary going around the corners because I was facing the handle of the cart and had no idea if we were gonna bite it or not with them steering and laughing and trying not to pee themselves. And I was sober. Definitely puts the fear into if you are actually cognizant of the possible impending death or severe cranial injuries that could literally be around the corner.

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