Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Assume the Position

So.  I have been musing over the notion of why I am more attracted to lineman than backs.  Because they are bigger and more muscular.  I need someone who can step in front of me and stop any threats to my physical safety that may cross my path.  Or beat the crap out of guys that talk trash about me.  Or beat the crap out of guys that I talk trash about and need someone to bail me out of the messes that my mouth creates.  Plus, they're pretty handy to have around if you need something moved.  That's all they do on the line is move shi+.  It's second nature.  There's that.  And I just really like someone with some flesh on their bones to grab onto, if you catch my drift.  

And:  Linemen are dumb and easier to control.

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