Thursday, January 13, 2011

More 2012 and WWJP

There's a Hopi Indian 2012-myth-debunking on tv right now.  MyPoolBoy pointed at the tv and said "2012" and I confused him by saying "no, 2102"  and he's like "what?"  and I told him that the clock on the cable box read 9:02 and that it was NOT 2012, but 21:02.  He is growing a bit weary of my quick wit. 

Now. WWJP.  What would Jesus pack? I saw a VBS (vacation Bible school)-type picture of Jesus looking down over the shoulder of a little girl with some little verse like "Jesus loves the little children" or "Jesus loves me" or something.  As  Jesus gazes down from where he is seated, you notice he is holding what is undoubtedly SUPPOSED to be a rod or staff to comfort the little girl.  Except this rod or staff appears to have a protrusion of some sort coming off the midsection of it, making it look eerily like a shotgun.  At least a semi-automatic.  Yeah.  Jesus holding a shotgun butt against his hip.  I could hear the signature "Ch-chk" sound in my head while I imagined Jesus cocking the shotgun against his hip all white trash-like.

I don't think it is so farfetched to think that Jesus would carry a shotgun.  Let me remind you that WAY before Charlton Heston served in the NRA protecting the 2nd Amendment, he was put in charge of the 10 Commandments.  

I made a few of these comments about this photo to Felix and Hyphen and Duckit.  They rolled their eyes at me with the usual "you're really going to burn in h3ll" look that they always give me - and then we all  busted out laughing.

 Look - this is the EXACT SAME PICTURE - except someone who is obviously saving a seat for me in h3ll has ACTUALLY superimposed or Photoshopped the shotgun that we had only imagined. 

I just told MyPoolBoy that if his name was Jesus (Hey, Seuss) that I could get a tattoo that says "Jesus loves me."

He rolled his eyes at me.

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