Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photo Opportunity

MyPoolBoy found this awesome eye candy on Facebook.  Had to share so that you would spew your morning coffee on your computer screen like I did, thereby wasting perfectly good Baileys (REAL Baileys, too... not the knock-off crap you get from the bottom shelf because it's still a week from payday and you have to save a little money until then to buy shi+ like FOOD). 

BUT....Honestly, my first reaction was "Where did he get those slammin' boots?"

  My second thought was" "Do they come in size 7?"

Then I realized I was supposed to be ooged out or appalled or whatever by the picture.

Kinda looks like it could be one of the very earliest publicity photos of the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World." Back when there was only Uno Equi.

THEN I started trying to read his tattoo.  Because, I was informed by MyPoolBoy, it is not a bikini top, nor is it a leopard print tie to match the boots draped sexily (Ok - I seriously could not type that word just now with a straight face) across his cleavage.

Great news!  I got the photo to zoom in Picasa to get a closer look at the tit tat.  I do not recommend this unless you have alcohol handy - isopropyl - the kind you can use to disinfect your eyes and at least temporarily blind yourself until someone can come in the room and pull the plug on your computer and drive you to the liquor store to buy the OTHER kind of alcohol to disinfect your memory of the close-up of excess body hair you will be witnessing.   All I can make out is what is in the middle "NTRO"  or "MDRO."  iNTROduction?   AMDRO?  conTROl?  Remote Control? 

One of the girls at BannedCamp thinks it says "MAN TROPHY"

And wtf is it that he is holding up?  Grapes?  A wad of shaved back hair?

Please Gawd, someone tell me they burned that couch.

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