Friday, September 09, 2011

Toiletus Interruptus

This afternoon some of us went to happy hour at a place downtown because we had 20% off coupons for teachers so that meant really cheap beer. And for us, cheap trumps quality any day. 

Anyway, Felix went to the restroom right before we left.  This was located near the front doors so as MyPoolBoy and I were leaving, I poked my head in the restroom door and hollered "oh my gawd Felix you're in the men's room!"

She just called me.  Some poor woman was in the stall next to her and heard me.  And freaked out.  Felix said that after I said that, she and the woman got into a conversation through the stall in which the poor lady commented that A) she couldn't believe she had gone in the men's room, too and B) she didn't think she could stop peeing long enough to get her pants up and go to the other restroom!

Felix reassured her that it was just a joke and that it was better to just sit it out cuz if she had tried to change locations,  she would have left a trail, and everyone would have traced it back to her anyway!

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