Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring Break Kickoff

First of all, we had to go to RC Grill because one of the 4th grade teachers said that a couple of their students told a bunch of kids on the playground that she goes to the RBar every weekend cuz they saw her there a couple of weeks ago. So - Felix and I managed to get the h3ll out of Dodge before all the kids were even picked up from the car-rider circle! So after a couple of Almond Joy martinis at the house and getting MyPoolBoy to drive me up there before he had to go to run the scoreboard at the girls' soccer game, he got me and Felix a couple of pitchers of some sort of ale (which we obligingly drank) and then the bartender was the son of one of the Lucilles (another third grade teacher) and he asked me why we went to RBar instead of there every week - insert foreshadowing here - I told him it was because they let me wear my boa and they named a drink after me -- he asked me about the drink and I tried to explain The Princess to him. He made one, but he added Malibu rum, which added an interesting twist but it just wasn't the same. ANYWAY - after the ale was gone and the Princess was gone, and Bi+chslap bought me another Princess, I started to get LOUD (as usual) and BartenderBoy came to ask me to quiet down (we were on the patio outside) so I told him and Felix and Bi+chslap that THAT was why we always go to RBar - cuz they let me get as loud as I want and we aren't even outside!

SOOO - the game got over and MyPoolBoy came back right about the time that everyone started to split up and leave, so we started home -- but Felix said that they were going to RBar from there, so MyPoolBoy and I came to check on the kids and then he took me to RBar - they were not there, we stood inside RBar a few minutes and asked KimmyMakerOfPrincesses if they had been there yet. I had some guy at the bar laughing while I called her (by saying Cr@ckwhore into my voice-dial LOL) and the GuyAtTheBar yelled - Red rover red rover let Cr@ackwhore come over! SO Felix says that she and Bi+chslap are in the lounge area of RCGrill and to meet them there - MyPoolBoy was going to come do something else while I was with them. Anyway - I go and we decided that we should go get BartenderBoy's mom and kidnap her (yes, we were very drunk). Well, we left, and after Felix attempted to do a handstand in the parking lot, we drove the back roads to get her.

We stumbled across her yard and knocked on the door - and we THOUGHT we saw a tv on in the window so we started singing Delta Dawn to get her attention, but all we heard inside was the dog barking. So we called her cell phone and tried to get her to answer and ended up leaving a bunch of voicemails for her. Lawrd she's gonna hate us! Well, then Felix tries to open the front door and it wasn't locked so we shut it real quick and THEN when she tried it again it was locked - we don't know if there was someone behind the door and they locked us out or if they were all out of the house and we just locked THEM out!
So, that adventure being a wash, we decided to go find BagLady cuz we knew she was staying with MrRightNow over the weekend cuz his kids were gonna be with their mom. So we go knock on the door and sing Delta Dawn thinking that we would catch them mid-coitus (this word alone gave DrunkenFelix and Bi+chslap enormous cause to start laughing to pants-peeing proportions - I coulda said they were bangin' like a screen door in a hurricane, but I have more class than that!) - and his MOTHER answers the door - and Felix tells her we are there to see BagLady so she goes and gets her. I asked her if we caught them mid-coitus, which makes Felix and Bi+chslap howl laughing so loud that the neighbors' dog starts raising h3ll. THEN Felix did her handstand in the yard. GAWD!
Well, we call MyPoolBoy and tell him to meet us and Bi+chslap's hubby at Oneills. We got there and there was a band of old geezers that obviously had left their hearing aids at home and thought that just cuz they couldn't hear themselves play that no one else must be able to hear them either - I was drunk and partying and I left because they were too loud. Basically someone needed to educate the idiots that if you are playing a small venue where people are trying to socialize, then TOO DAYUM LOUD is too loud. We walked across the street to RBar and hung out for a while. And RedRover was still there! SO we jacked with him for a while and then headed out around the time the RBar was closing.

I got drunk enough to spill candle wax all over my new tennis shoes. Caca.
Ideas I got though: I simply must make White Trash Princess dollars sometime over spring break, and we decided that we all need Lucille cards to carry in our wallets.

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