Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Night Blues

Sittin' at home on the first Friday that I haven't been sick in weeks! No vodka - no princesses - no R-Bar. Heaven help me.

MyPoolBoy bought me a pair of opera-length leopard print gloves to wear with my WTP kit - but lawrd they are so cheesy. Only a man!

Felix has plans to go to Houston to visit her brother, so she is off like a cheap prom dress.

BagLady had MrRightNow's kids in her room after school, so I am assuming that SHE has plans that don't include me, for sure!

MyPoolBoy is in the press box of the girls' soccer game, and I am here with Lurch and Chunk and the menagerie of worthless animals that we own. Been reading BannedCamp a little ("drunk makes you kiss sometimes") and thinking about doing a little school stuff. I made some new math bulletin board things to go with Mountain Math so that it fits the TEKS better, and then I'll probably order the Question of the Day stuff next year to go with it - it should be very comprehensive. My other thing is to get this 6 weeks' curriculum chart done and get lesson plans for next week hammered out - cuz I need to get some stuff on the walls for Public School Week! Then I figure over spring break I will work on the bulletin board science stuff that I want to create. Felix is going to order one that just posts vocabulary and then gives the kids a worksheet with one question per day. I like the idea of having them write in science, but for $75 I would like to have more than some worksheets and a word wall for cripes' sake.

Please let MyPoolBoy get through early enough to go buy me something upon which to imbibe!

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