Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tickled - and sober!

Felix and I got completely hysterical laughing this morning at our early morning meeting with the principal this morning. First we were laughing cuz the principal said that the architecture firm that is making the plans for our new school building "will have a drawing next week sometime" we both thought he meant like a RAFFLE drawing, not an architectural sketch and we just died laughing. Then Felix said that she figured out that if we got arrested for public intoxication downtown they would put us in the back room with "the bench" in the police station. From there we could dig a tunnel through the wall to the new sports bar and get back to drinking!!!!!!

I swear we were laughing so hard that she had her face buried in her jacket and I had tears rolling down my face.
It takes so very little to entertain us....sadly.

I also found out that it takes a whole fresh pineapple or 7 cans of pineapple to make a liter of infused vodka.
This I must do.

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