Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You Can't Make This Up

Ok, so we waited and waited all this time for our little burg to finally get big enough to warrant a Long John Silver's. It has been open for a whopping couple of months and it has already been infiltrated by the rednecks.

Here is the conversation I overheard - it was like a trainwreck - you can't keep from paying attention to it.

Cell phone call after order was placed: Something APPARENTLY is under the house and Bubba is going to find out what it is - he will call back later with a report.

Report to table: Bubba heard something under the house.

Cell phone call while getting Malt Vinegar sauce and cokes: Bubba got the tin flashing off the bottom of the TRAILER house and is going underneath armed with a paintball gun to aid in his investigation.

Report to and response from table: We just put that siding up - he just tore up perfectly good underpenning!

Cell phone call right after food order was up: Bubba has shot a pregnant skunk under the trailer with a paintball gun, what do we do now?????

Ok, honest to goodness, I quit listening after this cuz I was afraid I would PEE MYSELF and get caught eavesdropping!!!!!!!!!!!!

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