Sunday, February 10, 2008

Public Service for Felix

Now that Felix has high-speed internet instead of dial-up (this IS Mullet County, y'all), I don't want my best friend to have to suffer through all the non-Granny Tarnnia videos on YouTube just to find the best ones - and I don't want to have to keep going and forwarding them all to her (I have reality tv shows that take up most of my time).

So, here are some of them:

Meet Granny - in which we are introduced to Granny for the first time - "Danged grandkids"

Without a Blanket - not really funny, but you need to see this to understand the next one

Without a Blanket 2 - "Let me tell you something, little sweet pea...I will whoop your a$$ where you won't be able to speak - or fart"

Granny Drinks a Lot - "I'm stepping in the dayum cat litter"

My Latest Painting - "This is trash"

Granny's Very 1st Video - "I won't cuss you out no mo'"

Granny & Nigel Part One - Nigel SOOOOO reminds me of Scooter!

Granny & Nigel Part Two - "That mutha -f*($ing dog"

Granny Grabs the Camera - "I took all her furniture and I done sold that $hit on Ebay"

Back Home from Retard Camp

Granny Packin for Florida - another one that is a prequel to the funny stuff

Granny Checks In

Unpacking - "awwwww h3llllllll no"

Granny Meets Gladis - here we are, Felix!!!!!! "I'm gonna go take her cookie"

Old People Talk - "I'm sittin' on my ti++iy"

Too Many Cookies

Cookies Exiting the System

Cookie Interrogation - "I only had glaze on the bottom"

Sittin' with Gladis - "I hear you talkin' about me - I got my hearing aid"

A Letter from Tarnnia - "Does this smell good?"

Gladis Got a Knife - "Oh, Snap Johnson!"

Amazing Grace - "Satan's in your throat!"

Granny & Gladis Bickering - "Take these balloons..." & "I'm TIRED of you..."

Drunk Old Ladies

Gladis Got the Gossip - "I think she was f*($ing Pedro"

She's Back

Tarnnia Gone Fishin - "You is one stupid kid"

Breaking Out of Bondage - "This is straight-up Jurassic Park"

Halloween Drama - "If you don't get me some candy..."

Merry Christmas - "My eyes have seen the glory"

Granny's Pass Me Down - "You're like that nature child that needs to be shot"

He Humps - Nigel has a Jake the Air Humping Perv Dog moment

Granny Visits My New Home

Nose Piercing - "What kind of slu+s you been hanging around?"

Ok, I Got Drunk! - "It's too late for this nonsense"

I'm Not a Promiscuous Girl - "I'm having a party" / "In your dayum bathtub?"

Hungover - "Oh, Jesus, you is not alive still?"

Me Playing the Guitar - listen to the the lyrics of the song... cuz Granny kills it on the next video

Granny Playing the Guitar - "I learned that in jail"

Yoga is Demonic - "Do you have unworthy idols?"

Ridin Dirty -

Granny Gon' Wild - this is Felix on her Harley in about 40 years

Locked Out - "Nigel, Nigel, Nigel..."

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