Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Drama

First announcement came at about 8:45 - Do not allow students to distribute suckers on puppy/kitty valentines from Dollar General as they have been recalled.

Next announcement was at 9:30ish - Please take up any SpongeBob valentines from HEB as they have been recalled also.

Another announcement at 10ish - Do not pass out Looney Tunes candy necklace or candy bracelet Valentines as these are also on the recall list.

Finally - take up all candy attached to Valentines. A letter will go home to parents who want to come pick up the candy later to take home.

My guess is that the little bite sized Snickers will mysteriously disappear.

Also - after school, one of the girls in another class is standing outside with her Valentine's box. It has been covered in mint-green paper and scrawled across the end of the box with purple marker "Love Hurts"

I guess it does when you are 8 years old and the school personnel takes up all your Valentine's candy!

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