Thursday, March 19, 2009


Donster Monster (my Donny cat) has had quite a spring break. His sorry a$$ came dragging up this morning after a 3-day disappearance looking like a celebrity mugshot of Nick Nolte or Courtney Love. I hope whatever it was he was doing was as much fun as his current condition seems to suggest.

This is the type of Spring Break I aspire to have someday.

All I've really accomplished in the last 3 days is to spray paint all of my office supplies Krylon Ballet Pink. Do not - I repeat - do NOT let me near any of the following if vodka or tequila has passed my lips within a 3 hour time frame:

spray paint
hot glue
super glue
Gorilla glue
pink stuff

PS - I wanted to title this entry "My Poor Pussy" but MyPoolBoy thought it would be too controversial since the post titles come up on Facebook and Google and whatnot. Because, you know, all my friends think that I'm all chaste and pure and shi+.

BY THE WAY: Did you know that according to Google Analytics the 3rd most popular keyword used by people who have found my blog through a search is with the term "Hand Fart?" -- I'm pretty impressed.

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