Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Funny but sad.

So. I was on the bus today on the way to our field trip today and I commented to the kids that it was Friday the 13th.

Then I looked up and I saw that I was sitting in seat #13 on the bus.

THEN I realized that the kid in the seat next to me was named Damian.

I know.

*** insert creepyspookyscary Toccata and Fugue music here***

So I added these observations to my comments to the kids. And Damian says"Oh wow! The 13th!" And I said I KNOW... and I'm thinking - hey, he gets it!

... and he goes "Yea! My mom gets her foodstamps today!"

no. he doesn't get it. he doesn't get it at all.

A bit later I came to the conclusion that if I ever go to prison, I need LittleBushDeer (BagLady) and Felix's students to come with me to smuggle stuff. On the bus to the field trip I confiscated:
*a fist-sized rock with purple crystals growing all over the top
*the metal buckle off of a seat belt
*something else... not near as impressive as the rock or the buckle so it has slipped my mind

I also facilitated the disposal of a packet of mustard that had been launched through some means of propulsion (plastic spork catapult, I think)

LittleBush Deer had this collection-o-crap in her purse to haul around the whole time we were gone -- but I'm thinking these little sneaks will make great prison shiv mules.

One bright side-note: I cleaned dog-sh1t off of not one single kid on this field trip. yeah. That's how I measure my success in educating students.

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