Friday, May 01, 2009

Boom Chicka Boom

I was talking to NurseRatchet yesterday and she told me something HILARIOUS about the bomb threat. Once we were evacuated, the bomb squad and dogs came sniffing around in their kevlar for about 3 hours... they went through all the rooms, checking cabinets, desks, etc.

Good heavenly days - can you imagine what they thought of my classroom with all the plastic flamingos and rubber chicken?!?!?!? It's such a mess it already looked like a bomb had gone off in there anyway. "Whoops, Ted, we're too late for this room."

Anyway, the guys had already had one heartbeat-skipping episode when the found a rubber snake in the cabinet of one of the Ethels' rooms.
So they make their way through the building and end up in the nurse's clinic to continue their thorough searching and sniffing for the non-existent bomb. While they were back in the office part by her desk they had the next big scare.

Now. Let me just interject a tidbit of information for y'all: NurseRatchet is OCD/Anal Retentive, ummmm, I mean, "organized." Like all school nurses, she has a schedule of when kids need to take meds or come in for asthma inhalers or whatever. But NurseRatchet has taken it to the next level and actually has about 15 alarm clocks labeled with children's names set to go off at the time that each child is supposed to come to her.

One of the alarms went off while a bomb squad guy was in her office.

He told her she needed to pay to have his pants laundered.

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