Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Object of My Ridicule O' the Day

She is 40-50 ish, red-brunette hair (can't pinpoint the actual Miss Clairol #, but it is from the box, nonetheless). This chick is WHITE. And wearing shorts and a tank top (God help us - I need my shades) So. Let me just describe for you the tank top and the surrounding body parts to give you an idea about the trainwreck that I am trying to look away from... the seams of her black and white leopard print tank top are being stretched to maximum capacity while she reads what I assume obviously to be the fashion pages of the newspaper. This garment is NOT sufficient to hold in her bra-less size 42 D's, as she keeps tugging at the deep V-neck in a futile attempt to cover up the girls. Completely laughable, but I am containing myself well.

MyPoolBoy nudged me and wanted to know how many cougar bingo spaces I would get. uh... none. Alas, she is not a cougar, just trashy (I am secretly a bit jealous of her brazenly open trashiness). THEN she starts gazing into her tired-looking manfriend/husband's eyes singing along out loud to some 70s folksy sounding song on the radio. He appears to be trying to will her to stop with his indifferent expression.

It's not working.

OK now wait wait wait ... I just got distracted by a woman at the table next to her with a broken arm who just chugged her (I guess) pain pills straight from the prescription bottle before taking a swig of coffee. Oh hayul yes! She just did it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

I'm so easily amused...

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Iris said...

You really MUST get (or use) a camera phone and share!!
Funny stuff!!