Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Princess of the World

Ok. So there is this contest on the site for that 2012/end of the world movie to give you the chance to become the honorary leader of the leftover world if, in fact, the world ends in 2012. Just so you know, I am entered. To celebrate, I drank a bottle of wine and ran around the house screaming at MyPoolBoy and Lurch and Chunk that I was the Princess of the Leftover World and they had to do what I say. Decided to have a "White House" only paint it pink when I came into power. Made plans to go to Sherwin Williams to find the perfect lovely shade of ballet pink to accomplish this task. Announced that the national bird will be a flamingo. Told them all to start addressing me as "Your Highness" to be in practice for when the big day comes. Sang 1/2 of "Jessie's Girl" at the top of my lungs before proclaiming it my national anthem. MyPoolBoy said he is going to study where the asteroid is going to hit because he wants to be at Ground Zero to avoid living in a world with me in charge.

Told them all matter-of-factly "Y'all are no fun, and I'm gonna make you stand in the corner of the Oval Office." Then I passed out.

Y'all should totally vote for me if you survive the apocalypse....

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