Friday, October 09, 2009


Lurch and one of his little teeny bopper friends is sitting at the table next to us, and they are having a freakishly serious conversation about their DS's. TeenyBopper has just made the comment that she will get hers back in 3 months and she can't wait. WTF? This girl has already graduated high school, and she's a pretty good kid, so I can't imagine her being grounded from her DS. My 2-beer-limit-mental-capacity brain has therefore concocted its own story for what might be the reason for the separation from her beloved video console:

Her pimp has been taking more than his fair share of the cut of her earnings. She needs some quick cash as she is jonesing for a crack fix. The DS is at the pawn shop and she won't have enough money from her "dancing" job saved up until Christmas or so to get it back out.

MyPoolBoy says no. And now he's cutting me off and making me go home.

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