Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hands Down

MyPoolBoy has another round of poker going at a new place downtown. I am out early, as usual, and I am sitting here surveying the lay of the land. Looked over at the bar just now and noticed one of those bar-top video games... the tracing of someone's hand and a virtual knife trying to stab all around it for points. Craziest sh1t I hav seen tonight? Who PLAYS these games???? Who INVENTS these games? btw: the answer is not ME, those of you playing the home version of our game can shut up.

So. Poker continues. I got frustrated with one of MyPoolBoy's "friends" and I swear the testosterone was as thick as some of them's dayum heads. When they started counting each other's chips on the blinds I decided it was time to go away for awhile. Went all-in without counting my chips, then folded. I told B1tchslap that I was going to go concentrate really hard on all things female (flowers, Lisa Frank pens, episiotomies) to force myself to start my period just so we could get some estrogen flowing to counteract them slapping their pen1ses on the table.

I think that he's wearing a National Guard shirt. Perhaps he IS in the National Guard. I hope they ship him to somewhere sucky and boring where there is not any fighting or anything going on. Somewhere where he has to patrol a dried-up lake or some bullshi+ to protect a weird, endangered blood-sucking insect that feeds solely off of human flesh. And that he gets eaten alive by that same weird, endangered blood-sucking insect that feeds solely off of human flesh.

Am I bi+chy and bitter???

Bi+chy maybe. But not bitter.

Just female.

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