Saturday, December 12, 2009

I can't even think of a title for this post

Ok, I was on BannedCamp this morning and the ads at the top of the forum were alternating between a FlyByNight University and a Christian World Charity organization of some sort asking me to please send money to buy a goat for an underprivileged third-world child.

A goat.


NO.  I said GOAT. 

And there was more than one version of the ad rotating through.  Then a little while ago, I got on again and now the ad wants me to buy a SHEEP for little Diwali or whoever the heartstringtugging child in the ad is supposed to be.  And I'm wondering why he couldn't just ask Sinter Klaas or Father Christmas to fulfill his livestock wishes.  I guess a goat won't fit in a stocking.

And how could Santa get something like that down the chimney without making the whole hut smell like barbacoa and ruining the surprise for little Diwali?   

Then -- I got on Facebook, and this was in the sidebar of my profle:

"Mom" looks a little bit like a serial killer to me.  Or Jesus.  I'm pretty sure I could at least find "her" photo in a registered sex offenders lineup.  Is this "Mom" from a Slavic country?  Perhaps they got the scholarship ad copy intermingled with the photo layouts for the depilatory cream ad campaign.  I'm really not sure.  What the H3LL am I surfing on that makes this sh1t come up?

That's IT.  No more vodka while I'm on the web.  I don't even want to know what my Amazon recommendations would be this morning.

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