Thursday, April 22, 2010

Breaking and Entering

HOLY CRAP! Someone broke into the travel trailer. Thunderduck is taking his turn at being the white trash offspring by living in it out in the back yard. With the pitbull mix dog that he adopted from the animal shelter. So he came home from work at lunch and went to get his new wimp-a$$ pitbull mix dog and take her back out to the trailer. And then he discovered the missing items that he had to subsequently report to the Peyton Place Police Department with a straight face: miscellaneous DVD's, old broken cell phone, deli-sliced lunch meat, cheese whiz, and a bottle of Boone's Farm.

Obviously, not criminal masterminds. My guess was stoners. Or middle-schoolers. I was right. On both guesses. Please read on and let me prove this point.

Like I said, Thunderduck came home from lunch, discovered the "crime", went into the house, and immediately took action as a responsible citizen of our community and called the authorities. After that, he went BACK out to the trailer and had lunch with the "petbull."

Now. HERE's where it gets really good. The "burglars" came BACK! Yep. I guess all we can get in Mullet County are mentally inferior burglars. Just so I can blog. They opened the trailer door while Thunderduck and Foxy, the petbull were having lunch. Thunderduck sat bolt upright and yelled "what the f*ck!" and Foxy the petbull stuck her head around the corner of the sofa to see who was at her door. She then proceeded to bound down the alley after one of the mentally inferior burglars. And Thunderduck chased the other one.

Yes, officers, I believe you can identify the perpetrators by the fear-induced crap in their pants and the pitbull slobber all over one of them.

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qandlequeen said...

God love ya! I adore the fact you call your pit a petbull. Nothing but the truth, that baby wants some lovin, even if it's from strangers trying to take his owners stuff.

So did he get his boones farm back?