Wednesday, May 10, 2006


MyPoolBoy called me today from over at the middle school. A lot of kids from his shop class came to the room where he was subbing and told him that they fired the guy who was teaching shop now. The guy apparently pushed a kid down and called him a name because the kid told him to lighten up - after the guy had accused another kid wrongly of throwing a dodge ball at him. Anyway the guy had his room cleaned out and his keys turned in by 3:00. MyPoolBoy said they had called him in class to see if he could sub the rest of the week (which he can't because of a mid-term and the state track meet with TrainWreck). We were saying we don't know how someone could not figure out that you are not supposed to do that to a kid (certified or not - because MyPoolBoy said he thinks this guy is just a contractor with a bachelors degree).

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