Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Age Discrimination

So PseudoGrandUrchin/Howler Monkey #1 (TheDivaMonster) is turning 3 tomorrow and we are having birthday dinner and cupcakes tonight at our house. Sitting around and wearing tiaras cuz she wants a princess birthday. H3ll, Ill take any excuse to wear a tiara.

2 incidents of particular note have occurred: PseudoGrandUrchin/Howler Monkey #2 (1 year old - Snotface) ate 2 chocolate cupcakes and proceeded to jump on the trampoline. Ralphed them both up and then went back to playing. Also, TheDivaMonster tried on her new little princess tutu and was walking around lifting it up and showing her shorts underneath.

Why is it when little kids throw up and lift their skirts everyone says they are adorable but when I do it everyone says I'm drunk?

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