Thursday, April 30, 2009

If I Had Known We Were Going to Have a Bomb Threat

... I would have worn more comfortable shoes!

We were evacuated from school and sent down the street to another building for 3 hours. On the day of the TAKS science test. Which the poor kids had to come back and finish after having been cooped up in a dreary stuffy building all that time! They had to finish the test - why? Because TEA is off the deep end with this testing shi+, that's why.

Pretty much my kids made up all kinds of stories about why we were being evacuated: swine flu, gas leak, fire -- the best being that the plastic flamingos had taken over the school and were holding my tiara and rubber chicken for ransom!

So, I was dog-a$$ tired this afternoon. Sat in my massage chair in my classroom and waited for 4:00 to arrive then headed to go tan/nap. Let's just say dinner involved wine - not only because of the day I'd had, but also because MyPoolBoy's ex-girlfriend from high school has been all over his Facebook lately (like every time he posts, she is responding) and I guess he figured I wasn't happy about it and something got said or whatever and she deleted him from her friends list. But not before leaving a message that simply read: So long! If I had had ONE MORE glass of wine tonight, I was gonna click that little thumbs-up sign that says your name and then posts "Likes This"

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