Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Was Supposed to Be a Draft

And it posted anyway -- weird. So I'm updating it and making it make a little more sense to people besides me. Here goes:

During one of our neverendingfacultymeetings, they sent over all the insurance reps to tell us exactly how much more we will be paying in premiums next year. One of the plans had deductibles so high I told Felix you might as well die and use your life insurance to cover the funeral costs instead of shelling out money for the deductible and the other 20% it would cost to keep you alive.

Then on page 30something of the booklet it compares plans' costs of having a baby vs. a heart bypass vs. gall bladder surgery or some bull shi+. H3ll, f I found out I was having a baby at this point I would need the bypass, too! Felix was telling me to shut up at this point.

One more thing: There were numerous dress code violations on some of the little girls today, but the most memorable were the words on little girls shirt "If you've got the tricks, I've got the treats"
Not just inappropriate in its double-entendre, but the 5th grade boys would want to read with their finger to track under the words. Or ask for a colored overlay if they were dyslexic and then want to hold the overlay over the words by themselves.

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